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THANK YOU to all essential workers, first responders, & healthcare professionals! The San Francisco Symphony brass section dedicates this performance of the Fanfare from Dukas’ ‘La Péri’ to these heroes.

Featuring San Francisco Symphoy musicians:
Mark Inouye
Timothy Higgins
Bob Ward
Paul Welcomer
John Engelkes
Jeff Biancalana
Jessica Valeri
Jeff Anderson
Jonathan Ring
Bruce Roberts

The music will play on. GIVE TODAY

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… and I got one.

Tom Hooten of the Atlanta Symphony and Mike Martin of the Boston Symphony discuss the techniques they use to prepare themselves for ANY situation

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Ever since the New York Philharmonic was founded in 1842, the orchestra’s brass section — horn, trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, tuba — had been a man’s world. Then Amanda Davidson auditioned. A graduate of the Juilliard School with a passion for Mahler, Brahms and ESPN, Mrs. Davidson, 28, became the brass section’s first female member last September, having previously been principal trombonist of the San Antonio Symphony. (She competed for the Philharmonic job with Mark Davidson, 27, whom she was dating and later married.) Her title is associate principal trombone, an instrument with which she is familiar. She has been playing it since she was 6.

Too cool, eh? (And yeah, she’s really a woman and I know some cringe at the word “girl” although I will remain a girl my whole life, thank you very much. (“Woman” sounds … um … serious. And large.)


Many thanks to Elaine, of Musical Assumptions, for drawing my attention to the group tenThing brass ensemble. This group of ten women plays pretty darn well, if you ask me. (Of course I’m just an oboist … what do I know?)

(Somehow I’m guessing they are “mouth syncing” here … they really wouldn’t be playing out in the freezing cold, would they? With mittens on?)