Well, for me it’s been since my last opera on March 1, 2020. How ’bout you? I haven’t played with any colleagues since then. I’ve played with a few students, but even that has been rare, and we are now back to Zoom only, so no more of that for now. If things go as planned I’ll be back to work next week. Will it really happen? I do wonder, due to the Delta variant.

Meanwhile, I listen to a ton of music. Some of my friends said they haven’t been able to — that it makes them cry. I don’t react that way. Music still feeds my soul!

Maybe because people like this are just so darn good … and what a fabulous work!

Akropolis: Paradise Valley by Jeff Scott

From the YouTube Page:

0:00 I. Ghosts of Black Bottom
8:34 II. Hastings Street Blues
15:53 III. Roho, Pumzika kwa Amani (Spirits, Rest Peacefully)
20:24 IV. Paradise Theater Jump!

Homage to Paradise Valley by Jeff Scott can be heard alongside the original poetry of Detroiter Marsha Music on Akropolis’ 4th album, Ghost Light, here: https://akropolisquintet.org/ghostlight/

Homage to Paradise Valley was commissioned by Akropolis and Chamber Music America, made possible by the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Program, with generous funding provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2019).

About Homage to Paradise Valley by Jeff Scott:
The historical content of these notes by the composer is provided courtesy of the Detroit Historical Society (detroithistorical.org) where one can find a wealth of information on Paradise Valley and Black Bottom. Poetry by Marsha Music—a lifelong resident of Detroit whose father, Joe Von Battle, was a record producer for Aretha Franklin and owned Joe’s Records, central to the Black Bottom community—was commissioned by Akropolis in 2020 to create poetry to accompany Jeff’s music.

Black Bottom was a predominantly Black neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. In the early 20th century, African-American residents became concentrated here during the first wave of the Great Migration to northern industrial cities. Informal segregation operated in the city kept them in this area of older, less expensive housing. Black Bottom/Paradise Valley became known for its African-American residents’ significant contributions to American music, including Blues, Big Band, and Jazz, from the 1930s to 1950s. Black Bottom was eventually razed and redeveloped for various urban renewal projects, driving the residents out. By the 1960s the neighborhood ceased to exist.

Hastings Street ran north-south through Black Bottom and had been a center of Eastern European Jewish settlement before World War I, but by the 1950s, migration transformed the strip into one of Detroit’s major African-American communities of black-owned businesses, social institutions, and nightclubs.

From the Bantu language of Swahili, “Roho, Pumzika kwa Amani” (Spirits, Rest Peacefully) is a lullaby, my humble offering to the many souls who came before me and persevered through the middle passage, decades of slavery, disenfranchising laws, and inequality. I am who I am because of those who stood before me. May their spirits rest peacefully.

Orchestra Hall closed in 1939, but reopened in 1941 as the Paradise Theater. For 10 years it would then offer the best of African-American musicians from around the country. “Paradise Theater Jump!” is dedicated to the famed theater and harkens to the up-tempo style of “jump blues,” usually played by small groups and featuring saxophone or brass instruments.

This video was filmed in 2019 at Central Michigan University. The exclusive Web Premiere of this video was given during the summer of 2020 at Akropolis’ Club Paradise Virtual Soirée, which honored these neighborhoods and their cultural legacy. Read more here

Scott Hostetler is, once again, rather amazing! And a favorite piece to play … but for me I have to stick to oboe only.

… and look at his hand position on the oboe! Nice and close to the keys … love it!

I always enjoy this group. They are pretty amazing. Watching them communicate with each other is great, listening to their musicality makes me marvel. Bravi tutti, Carion! (And note that Mark Chudnow, though his first name is misspelled, gets a mention below!)

A.Vivaldi / J.S.Bach: Concerto in D-minor, III. Allegro – Carion Wind Quintet

From YouTube:
Dora Seres SERES, flute
Egils Upatnieks, oboe
Egils Sefers, clarinet
David M.A.P.Palmquist, horn
Niels Anders Vedsten Larsen, bassoon

As featured on Carion’s ” The Carnival of Venice” program, that includes works by Buonamente, Briccialdi, Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, Stravinsky, Paganini and Cavalli

Instrumentarium for this recording:

Flute – 18 carat gold Muramatsu flute with 14 carat gold mechanics
Oboe – Lorée Royal, Chiarugi and Marc Chudnow brass staples, handmade reeds
Clarinet – Luis Rossi French model B-flat clarinet, Richard Hawkins G model mouthpiece and handmade reeds.
Horn: Hans Hoyer, Giardinelli C15 mouthpiece
Bassoon: Heckel 14945, CC2 Bocal, handmade reeds
Microphones: Oktava MK012 stereo pair
Audio interface: Apogee Duet Firewire
Cameras: Canon EOS R and 5D Mark IV

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The Midsummer Mozart Festival Chamber Orchestra Laura Griffiths / Ruth Stuart, Oboe / Mark Brandenburg / Ann Lavin, Clarinet / Deborah Kramer,/ Patrick Johnson-Whitty, Bassoon / Glen Swarts / David Goldklang, Horn perform W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)
Serenade in C Minor, K. 388/384a
00:00 Allegro
07:05 Andante
11:11 Allegro
on Tuesday, May 19, 2019, at San Francisco’s Noontime Concerts, Old St. Mary’s Cathedral, 660 California at Grant Avenue in San Francisco http://www.oldsaintmarys.org

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… and some friends and acquaintances are playing. This brings back wonderful memories of playing (eons ago) in the Midsummer Mozart Festival Orchestra.

The Midsummer Mozart Festival Chamber Orchestra Laura Griffiths / Ruth Stuart, Oboe / Mark Brandenburg / Ann Lavin, Clarinet / Deborah Kramer,/ Patrick Johnson-Whitty, Bassoon / Glen Swarts / David Goldklang, Horn perform W.A. Mozart (1756-1791) Serenade in E-flat Major, K. 375
00:00 Allegro maestoso
08:40 Menuetto
13:34 Adagio
19:51 Menuetto
23:05 Allegro
on Tuesday, May 19, 2019, at San Francisco’s Noontime Concerts, Old St. Mary’s Cathedral, 660 California at Grant Avenue in San Francisco http://www.oldsaintmarys.org

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I miss my friend Mike Adduci SO much. Our loss was certainly Tennessee’s gain. I love at least getting to enjoy his oboe playing via YouTube, though. Bravo Mike … and your colleagues Mary and Paul also!

Madeleine Dring: Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano

Tennessee Tech University music faculty recital: Mary Matthews, flute; Michael Adduci, oboe; Paul Thurmond, piano – Live performance, April 5, 2019

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Please enjoy. I sure did!

Telemann Trio Sonata, TWV 42:e2

Alice K. Dade, flute
Elizabeth Koch Tiscione, oboe
Brian Thornton, cello
Noam D. Elkies, harpsichord

July 27, 2017
Congregation Beth David
Festival Mozaic
San Luis Obispo, California

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I was listening to our local classical music station and they played an arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations for oboe, English horn, Violin and cello by the Aulos Quartet. Unfortunately I can’t find that to share, but instead I share this wind arrangement.

J.S.Bach: Goldberg Variations, arr. for oboe, clarinet, basset horn and bassoon

First performance of a new arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.
Trio Arundo: Jan Sou?ek – oboe, Jan Mach – clarinet, Václav Vonášek – bassoon

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I had just posted this last week, and here is another. Wow … great young musicians here!

Info from the YouTube page:
From our Classical Music Concert at the New World Center in Miami, FL for National YoungArts Week 2016.

Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano, Op.27 (1906) by Destenay
I. Allegro vivace

Performed by 2016 YoungArts Winners in Music:

Kip Zimmerman | oboe
Yijin Wang | clarinet
Anastasia Magamedova | piano

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Enjoy! What a fine work this is … I’d love to do it, and I’d love to have hair, makeup and clothing help like they had, too.

Recorded LIVE in concert. From Camerata Pacifica’s January 15, 2016 performance at the Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara, CA; David Bruce’s “Steampunk”. (For a video that includes the Artistic Director’s Steampunk introduction, click: https://youtu.be/Nqnx96cUKEE)

With Nicholas Daniel, oboe & English horn; Jose Franch-Ballester, clarinet & bass clarinet; Amy Harman, bassoon; Martin Owen, French horn; Kristin Lee, violin; Morgan O’Shaughnessey, viola; Ani Aznavoorian, cello; Tim Eckert; double bass

Costume Design by E.B. Brooks. Hair & Makeup Yulitzin Alvarez.

http://www.cameratapacifica.org. Camerata Pacifica is a chamber music ensemble based in Santa Barbara that performs a monthly series of concerts in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Marino, and Zipper Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. Founded by Adrian Spence in 1990, the group is composed of the finest performers of chamber music from around the world. The ensemble is distinctive for artistic excellence, an innovative approach to classical music and a repertoire that ranges from baroque to brand new, from familiar masterworks to works that have yet to become favorites.