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Veni Redemptor Gentium (Andrew Smith)
New York Polyphony

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Gabriel from Heaven’s King, Anon. 13th-century, arr. R. Duffin
Quire Cleveland; Ross W. Duffin, Conductor

December 22, 2011, at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland. This piece, also known as “Angelus ad virginem” (under which title it is mentioned in Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale), seems to date from the 13th century. Our arrangement is based on two music manuscripts of the 14th century, and presents the sayings of Gabriel by the men, and the sayings of Mary by the women. The middle-English text is comprehensible but a little difficult to understand, so we have used the modern English version by the romantic poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins.
The soloists are Judith Overcash, Tracy Cowart, and Debra Nagy.

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Once In Royal David’s City, arranged for eight part a cappella choir by Philip Stopford

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John August Pamintuan: Nativitas
SYC Ensemble Singers; guest conductor Jonathan Velasco

Of the Father’s heart begotten, ere the world from chaos rose,
He is Alpha, from that Fountain all that is and hath been flows;
He is Omega, of all things yet to come the mystic Close.

By his Word was all created; He commands and lo! ’tis done;
Earth and sky boundless ocean, universe of Three in One,
All that sees the moon’s soft radiance, all that breathes beneath the sun.

O how blest that wondrous birthday, when the Maid the curse retrieved,
Brought to birth mankind’s salvation, by the Holy Ghost conceived;
And the sacred Babe, Redeemer of the world, her arms receive.

Sing, ye heights of heaven, His praises; angels and archangels sing!

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Richard Allain: O Dayspring
Siglo de Oro; Patrick Allen, Conductor; Sam Corkin, Soprano Saxophone

O Dayspring, brightest of light everlasting, and sun of righteousness: Come and enlighten him that sitteth in the darkness and the shadow of death.

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Sure on This Shining Night
Poem by James Agee
Music by René Clausen
The Concordia Choir of Moorhead, Minnesota

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Dan Forrest: Entreat me not to leave you
University of North Texas A Cappella; Jerry McCoy Conductor

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I’ve recently had very little to post here. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I have NO playing work this summer, which is a first for me. I never have much — I never managed to break into the summer festival circuit — but this year it’s a big fat zero. I do have my lovely students, thank goodness, but other than that it’s just an empty calendar. I’m hopeful this means I’ll have time to get my house organized. It could happen.

But house organization or not, I DO have time to search out music, and here is another choral work that just touched my heart. I hope it touches yours as well.

Kim André Arnesen: Flight Song Text by Euan Tait
St. Olaf Choir; Anton Armstrong, Director

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… where no storms come.

S:t Jacobs Vokalensemble performing Heaven-haven by Benjamin Britten, in the concert “Vindens ljumma fläkt” 2017-06-12, in the Cathedral of Stockholm.

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–89)


A nun takes the veil

I have desired to go
Where springs not fail,
To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail
And a few lilies blow.

And I have asked to be 5
Where no storms come,
Where the green swell is in the havens dumb,
And out of the swing of the sea.

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Because it may speak to some …

Text: The Road Home

Tell me where is the road I can call my own,
That I left, that I lost, so long ago.
All these years I have wondered, oh when will I know,
There’s a way, there’s a road that will lead me home.

After wind, After rain, when the dark is done,
As I wake from a dream, in the gold of day,
Through the air there’s a calling from far away,
There’s a voice I can hear that will lead me home.

Rise up, follow me, come away is the call
With (the) love in your heart as the only song
There is no such beauty as where you belong
Rise up, follow me, I will lead you home.