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I just played a concert. All went well. I continue to use an earplug in my left ear, but I was assured by the principal oboist (hi Adrienne!) that she would have no idea about my ear had I not told her. So I guess I’m okay when it comes to the quality of playing. Unless she was just being nice. Hmmm.

But playing isn’t as enjoyable, I must admit. I feel rather removed from things. I definitely feel like I’m different. And I don’t like either of those those feelings, as they add some discomfort to the experience.

However, this is the big thing that hit me tonight: I now play as if each time I play it very well might be the last time.

In some ways that makes every concert pretty darn special.

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This week of music was truly a special one. I’m so grateful to have gotten to play it, and sitting principal was great fun, although of course I always get nervous and fear disappointing people. Funny how that goes.

Thanks to my oboe student and his family I have some photos to share now. Many thanks, Hongwen Gao, for sending these my way. It was wonderful to see you, Biyong, Jamin and Jesse after the show, too!

First, here are a couple images of the marching band that came from Reedley to play for this:

And dear Joe Hisaishi, plus singers Lisa Vroman and Joe’s daughter Mai Fujisawa:

More of Joe Hisaishi:


Finally … yours truly:

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This past week (and going through Monday) I’ve been involved in these special concerts. The audiences are incredibly enthusiastic, and it’s great fun to have full houses. The initial four concerts sold out so quickly another was added, and I’m guessing they could have added even more and filled the house. People who are into these movies are really into them! Add the FanimeCon 2018 to the mix and, if you’ve ever seen the people involved in that, you can imagine the costumes we see! If I manage to get some images of them I will add to this post later.

Of course all this excitement and work has me rather tired. My next day off is a week from Monday. Next up, and coming directly after these end: Tchaikovsky!

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This is so encouraging! These days selling out a concert is a huge deal. I can’t wait to do the FIVE performances of this. I’m guessing I’ll need a good rest after this is done … or perhaps it will have to wait until after the Symphony Silicon Valley final set (Tchaikovsky), since we move to that so quickly.

Both Symphony Silicon Valley and Opera San Jose are doing Deutscher compositions. Last night 60 minutes did a segment on the young artist. Today I’ve read that our concerts are sold out. If more performances are added I’ll let you know.


Even more:

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It’s time for Opera San José’s Bramhall Park concert. I’m planning on being there. How about you?

(We went two years ago and it was SO much fun. Bring a picnic and enjoy!)

Sunday, July 16, 2017: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Pack a picnic basket and some lawn chairs! OSJ residents and guest artists will present a free concert featuring highlights from the upcoming 2017-18 season at Willow Glen’s Bramhall Park, located at 1320 Willow Street in San Jose.

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The Detroit Symphony concert is happening now. View and listen here! I can’t think of anything better to do on this rainy January 20 morning.

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I just received this and it sounds like a great idea to me! Go here tomorrow morning (7:45 AM our time):


Experience the magnificence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in our three-week Winter Music Festival dedicated to the imagination, virtuosity, and influence of classical music’s most prolific composer!

#MozartFest Program 1 of 6:
Leonard Slatkin, conductor
Alex Kinmonth, oboe
Scott Strong, horn
Yoonshin Song, violin
Eric Nowlin, viola

MOZART Overture to The Marriage of Figaro
MOZART Oboe Concerto
MOZART Horn Concerto No. 1
MOZART Sinfonia Concertante

I think it’s very cool that you can watch live concerts from the University of North Texas. I’m currently watching a choir concert. How wonderful for families who can’t get to Texas to watch their kids perform! How wonderful for me, too. 🙂

Symphony Silicon Valley starts up today, and we’ll be playing a whole lot of Shostakovich:

  • Dmitri Shostakovich: Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 1
  • Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major
  • Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5 in D minor

I look forward to working with Tatsuya Shimono again. I’ve really enjoyed him.

It’s been a long time, it seems, since I’ve been on stage. Time to get my stage legs back again!

Speaking of a long time … this video above is from 1979. The year I graduated from college. I remember seeing and hearing New York Philharmonic at the Concord Pavilion with Dan and a few other friends that same year (June 16, 1979). We heard Mahler 1 then, not Shostakovich. I’m guessing, though, that many of these same musicians were on stage. I was so clueless about names back then — I was too busy enjoying being with my boyfriend. Now I look and see Joe Robinson, Julius Baker, Stanley Drucker … I hadn’t a clue who was up there. Man, I was clueless!

It’s quite cool to see that NYPhil has digital archives and I can find all the info from that, along with programs that enable us to peruse. The program for the concert we attended had an section about Inglenook Wines and the Concord Pavilion and included this shot. I certainly recognize Roy Malan … who are the others. Anyone?

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.59.30 AM