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… but nothing about war or lack thereof … (in case anyone gets the reference).

Speaking of that song, why is the next line to Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream, “I ever dreamt before”? That really doesn’t make sense!

And actually the dream was night before last, to be perfectly honest. Or maybe even morning before last, as I’m not sure exactly when I had the dream! But …

As always my house was not my house. Instead it was this place with lots of surprising rooms that one entered through twists and turns, but there were some very nice small little concert halls and I thought, “We really should have some concerts at our house sometime.” However at the moment I was having to deal with some unruly kids who where there.

But then things changed suddenly, as they do in dreams.

I was with a friend and colleague. She was very very ill and near death. She finally realized, though, that if she changed the ending to the piece she was playing on oboe (yes, PH — IF you even happen to read this, since I know you rarely do — it was you!) that she would be able to live. If not, she had about two hours left. The piece had to somehow modulate and end in a different key, but it wasn’t to be done in any sort of normal way. She played the piece, and ended on a G flat, as we knew that was the note it had to end on, but she didn’t modulate in a way that would save her life, so she asked if I could figure it out.

And I DID! ME, a person with very little talent when it comes to composition and theory.

Then I woke up.

I had the tune in my head, and I could probably have written it down. But I didn’t. Instead I quickly sent myself an email saying, “Don’t forget to tell P. the dream.” But I forgot that when I saw her yesterday. And I forgot the tune. I only remember the G flat.

Gotta love music dreams.

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You aren’t nearly as humble in real life as you are on your blog.

Yes. Really. I did dream that.

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There is a bird singing very loudly outside the family room. And it’s 4:15 AM. Silly bird should be sleeping!

And yes, I’m awake. I woke up because I had one of those scary dreams where I nearly wake crying.

I can’t remember all of the dream, but I know Dan and I were being pursued by people. We were good, they were bad. I think they were traitors of some sort. (It had nothing to do with the US though.) There was far too much about the dream to remember it, but I do remember that I watched a woman get killed, and this other guy and I (Dan and I had been separated somehow, and I was trying to reach him) were hiding in a car. The killer (another woman) then came to the car and shot at it from nearly every angle. Of course she missed us (good thing about dreams!). I knew who the traitors were — and now it gets even weirder — and they were some players from my symphony (not you, dk, and I can only remember one face). We drove away quickly as they disposed of the body, but of course they were chasing us. We ended up by the restaurant where Dan was eating, and he and I connected even though I was attempting to stay away from him to keep him safe.

The next thing I remember is that we were trying to get to Kelsey and Mel for a party they were having (don’t ask me what that was for, as I can’t remember), and then I saw some of the people chasing us and realized we couldn’t attend after all. So we ran back to the car, thinking we hadn’t been seen, but I hear a happy cry and it’s Kelsey running to us. I hug her, but whisper that we can’t stay, it wouldn’t be safe for her, and we are crying.

That’s when I wake up. But my brain is still racing as I’m trying to figure out how I can communicate with Kelsey without the pursuers knowing. I decide that I’ll pretend to find her on Facebook and message her with “This is your friend Cecilia and I’m so glad I found you!”

Okay. That’s it. I had to get out of bed because I was so shaken!

I blame all of this on Star Trek and Facebook. I am hoping that after writing about it I won’t be so shaky. I really love dreams, but I don’t like these ones that are like movies. It even had a soundtrack. Figures.

And now I’ll attempt to get back to sleep.

(Yes, this has little to do with music, but symphony members were involved, I think I had an oboe with me, and then there’s that soundtrack ….)

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Waking to “Send in the Clowns” is sort of pathetic, isn’t it? My last dream was sad. It had music with it. The dream was fairly “Sondheimesque” and that was the final tune. I can’t remember the dream much, but I sure do remember it was sad and kind of hopeless in some sort of way.

But before that?! Yikes. There was a spider in it that was spinning a very creepy, unattractive non-symmetrical web. There were rats which I was trying to get out of the house. I finally hit them over the head (Dan tried, but he was too nice about it). I knocked one out. Then I hit the other, and realized it wasn’t a rat, but a baby. Fortunately I didn’t hit the baby quite as hard and it was okay. That’s about all I remember of that dream. It’s probably a good thing.

So I’m awake, but I think my dreams really tired me out.

I rarely have oboe reed nightmares, so I guess I should be happy for that. I do have oboe dreams, and at least one of the above dreams contained an oboe in some way, but I only remember the glimmer of oboe, not really anything more.

But the good news is (this is about 40 minutes after the above writing took place) … my toilet overflowed. Which took some time to clean up (still not done) as you might imagine. Which means I can make and enjoy my latté now, since it’s been over 30 minutes since my medication which requires a 30 minute wait for food.

So ain’t that grand?! 😉

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the shooter has been sawed in half.”

Thus ended my dream.

Such a bizarre dream, too.

I was walking out of a concert I had played. I was with Blair Tindall (yes, we worked together on occasion, although it’s been some years now). Suddenly we hear a loud gunshot. I’m afraid Blair’s been shot, so I’m looking at her to see if she is okay, but I find no blood. We then look at my clothes (why I am wearing white I have no idea!) and I have blood on them. Blair looks up at me and gasps. I have been shot in the head.

As Blair gets me to the hospital I call my kids. (For some reason Dan isn’t in this dream at all.) I calmly tell Brandon who, while 26 in real life is only about 12 in my dream, that I’ve been shot. I can see the kids as I’m talking to them on the phone, as if they are really right in front of me. Hmmm. I try to call my mother, but I can’t seem to locate her cell phone number.

At the hospital they put me in a chair and I have some sort of weird helmet on my head. Some time elapses (I’ve forgotten some of this dream … aren’t you glad?) but finally I’m with some nurses and a doctor and I see the nurse writing things down. I say, “How cool is it that that pen changes color as you write!” No one says anything, but my mom, who has suddenly appeared, starts to cry. Oops. Guess the pen doesn’t change color. I grab it and start to write, because I want to see if I still have that ability. I do. But the pen has orange first and then black. Still, I can talk, and I seem to be doing okay. I do wonder if my fingers will be able to play the oboe or I’ve lost that. But I don’t have an oboe to try.

I don’t even know if the bullet was removed, but they are sending me home. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to drive a car for a good long time and I’m ticked off because I have work at UCSC and of course all my playing jobs.

And then I heard “Everything is under control … the shooter has been sawed in half.”

Okay then. I guess this is the kind of dream one has when one has a headache while sleeping, eh?

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This video reminds me of something I dream occasion: I’m holding the English horn and trying to play, but I can’t reach keys, or it’s just so darn awkward I can’t manage to play it. Watching this video, in fact, causes great discomfort, which makes me wonder if this is the work I dream I can’t play or something. Weird.

Truth is, I have no issues with holding the English horn. Most people I know use a peg or a strap, but my hands are large enough and rather strong, so I rarely tire or ache.

I’ve never performed Quiet City. It was on the schedule at Santa Clara University a couple of years ago, but the trumpet player had to cancel due to a full plate. I wasn’t sorry. It’s not a work I quite wrap my heart around for some reason. Perhaps if I performed it that would change. Playing it on one’s own doesn’t quite work … at least not for me.

I just located the video above (I’ve been lazy in my YouTube searching I guess). I won’t be critiquing it here. As folks know, I don’t do that sort of thing. I’ll let you all do that. 🙂

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… or would it be operatic dreams? Hard to say.

“Recover, recover, recover. Sometimes you’ve got to recover.”

Great lyrics, eh? 😉

But really, why am I dreaming this singin’ stuff? It was a male chorus that was singing. I was in the group, though. We were marching (the song sounded somewhat like a civil war song) to my house to rescue someone who needed help. At first it was just one person and me, but as we walked (crossing Bascom toward City College, in case any of you are wondering where I was — we had a bit of distance to cover) others could be seen marching too.

Then I woke up.

So who was I rescuing? What was I fighting? And recover from what?!

Heck if I know.

I do know I have a headache. I do know I leave for UCSC pretty soon. I do know I have most of my review papers ready to go. I don’t know if today I’ll be videotaped for my UCSC review. I know the cameraman was notified, but I never heard if he’d be able to do it today or not.

Quick! Where’s my makeup artist? Just in case ….

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Sometimes I dream with a soundtrack. Sometimes I dream as a musical. I just woke up after dealing with both.

The first dream was something sad. I can’t even remember what it was, but the soundtrack was quite weepy. These kinds of dreams always exhaust me, and tend to make me start the day in a rather melancholy way, even when I can’t remember what the dream was about.

The second was a musical. Or at least part of it was—it began without music, so maybe the “musical” part is only because I was attending some sort of production.

Who knows how the dream began (it’s all a blur), but I do remember a pastor of a church I used to attend coming in with an oboe he wanted to show me. A very ODD oboe! It was metal (for some reason this didn’t shock me at first), and each section sat on metal platforms with wheels … together they formed a train, which you could run with a remote. Um. Okay. I played around with it, and managed to run it into some kind of little building. (I guess it also came with the rest of the train oboe set.) I then explained to him that it wasn’t a bad oboe (I had apparently played it) but that I preferred wood. He was somewhat defensive. Kelsey, our daughter, was there. I can’t even remember why now.

After that I was at a restaurant. Brandon, our older son, was also there. I was eating alone, but watching him. I got up, finally to leave, and the waitress had to chase after me to pay. So I sat back down (I hadn’t tried to cheat her; I simply forgot!) Suddenly Brandon and a bunch of friends were dancing … as in STOMP kind of dancing, with brooms. And kind of rapping as well. I kept trying to take pictures with my phone, but couldn’t remember how.

Eventually I wound up somewhere else and a girl Jameson, our younger son, knows was singing in some sort of bizarre musical. (I still have the song in my head as I type.) Then there were a bunch of children surrounding her, and she and the children sang … but we couldn’t hear them because they were using a recording and the cranked it up. All we could hear were the singers in the recording. (Was this a tie-in to the church part of the dream? Maybe: my old church used recordings for their “musicals” and we could always hear the recorded voices.) Jameson—looking nothing like himself but, rather, like my brother Greg—got up and stood right next to his friend to hear her.

I remember nothing else. I think I woke up.


Why post these? Well, just because I can. And they are about music. Sort of.

Anyone else dream with soundtracks?

Yes, it’s 1:16.

Well, not really. It’s actually 12:16, but some ridiculous people decided to steal an hour from me this past Sunday.

I had a rotten dream. The sort that finally wakes me up. The kind that scares me to death. (No literally, mind you.) So I’m going to ramble-post, and crawl back under the covers and hope that the dream doesn’t return. (I want to write it down just because it was so odd and … well, the music!) I do apologize to any readers; this is mainly for me and I can’t imagine it’ll interest you at all. But I just have to write this one down. I’m not sure why.

I was walking through Santana Row, except I thought of it as what it used to be (Town & Country Village Shopping Center) even though everything was very new, and of course didn’t look like anything like Santana Row OR T&C Village. (Dreams, you know?) It was very creepy– people were masked. Dressed in weird clothing. Some looked like vampires. They were mostly acting as if I wasn’t even there. At first I was trying to hurry someone (I think one of my kids but at a younger age) through, but later I was on my own. I was racing. The people became more threatening. Then I was trying to cross the street when someone accosted me. I knew his intent was evil. He had a dog that initially looked nice and it was trying to come to me. I told the person “You know I’m scared of dogs” and the dog went wild. But then he pulled it back and said I had to bet on whether his dog could tear apart another one that looked quite scary. I was refusing. I knew if I didn’t agree to watch he’d have the dog kill me. And then the dog was suddenly trying to attack me. I was trying to do anything I could to get away. I ran into the street, thinking that if a car killed me that would be a better death. But the dog was hanging on to my sleeve. I threw my arm out, and the dog went flying. I thought it was dead. I got across the street and tried to get into a huge store there, but the man who was setting things up (it was too early to open) pretended he didn’t see me or hear my cries for help. The man who had the dogs was getting close to me along with the vampire sorts from across the street. And I think the dog that should have been dead was back too. The store clerk kept ignoring me, but I pulled the door and somehow (because the door was made of flexible plastic) I squeezed in through an opening. But then the clerk grabbed me. I then realized he was probably a part of this cultish group.

I know this has nothing to do with music yet, but here it comes …

As he grabbed me he sang (and I realized this was a musical dream I was having) … he sang three words. I can’t remember them all, but I know the notes and rhthms: one 16th note and dotted 8th (first word, said as a two-syllabled word although it’s actually a three-syllabled one), then two one syllable quarter notes … “Reverence, Dread, Art.”

Notes were E, F#, and A#.

Then I woke up.

And yes, I got out of bed, came to the computer, whistled the notes into my computer (I have a tuner on my iBook), and realized what the notes were. Before I checked I guessed that I was singing E flat, F and A, so now I know I can get close, but I don’t have perfect pitch, for sure. (The real notes were on the sharp side, for any of you who were wondering. You were wondering, weren’t you?)

So someone please explain this dream to me! Especially the notes. They weren’t chords, by the way. Single notes, But they were the 4th, 5th and 7th notes of the scale.

The dream was so real and so frightening. Writing it all down, I see how very silly it is. But still not to me. This muddled mind is still reeling. Weird.

Now back to sleep with me. (It’s now 1:34 AM.)

Oh … and no, I’m not reading anything bizarre (right now I’m on Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson – because I just completed Gilead and loved it so), and I never watch movies or TV shows of this dream sort.


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In my dream last night (or, more likely, this morning, since I usually dream right before I wake) I dreamt that I was playing in Carnegie Hall. So I was thinking, “Oh good, I can add that to my bio.”

Oh well.

I seem to recall, too, that I was playing something very funky. I think it was with a high school group. But I figured that that didn’t matter. My kids’ high school has had groups perform there, and I’m sure if any of them go on they’ll use that in their bio!

Have you ever read a bio and realized that things can be interpreted in several ways? Same with when someone uses a small snippet from a review. My kids and I often play a game with these. For instance, when someone has “imaginative and fiery” as a quote, we figure it probably said “The reviewer wished he could say the performance of Carmen was imaginative and fiery but, alas, it was merely dreary.”

But anyway, I cannot add Carnegie Hall to my bio.

Oh … but if I go there and bring a Gameboy (no, I don’t own one, but I could borrow one, right?) and I play it while in the hall then I guess I could say I’ve “played in Carnegie Hall” … can’t I? 😉