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what can the matter be? (If you can’t see it, well … I guess that’s good for Azusa!)

This just hurts my heart. A school advertising for “advanced study” and the poor English horn player is holding his horn that way? (I’m assuming they flipped the photo so he was facing that direction. In fact I know that to be the case. BAD idea, Azusa. Very bad idea.)

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… and oboe you just can’t even imagine!

Thank you to John Clark, who sent me this image. This is from a ebay ad for a “Vintage Linton Oboe”


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I just received an email today:

Seiji Ozawa, following advice from his doctor to postpone any plans to travel abroad at this time, has had to cancel his Tanglewood appearances this summer due to lack of physical strength.

At the end of Maestro Ozawa’s month-long stay in Europe (where he performed with the Berlin Philharmonic in Berlin and the Seiji Ozawa International Academy Switzerland in Paris) this past April, due to overwork Ozawa developed a fever which resulted in weight loss. Upon his return to Japan, Ozawa continued with another demanding period of work, which further weakened his immune system. After thorough discussions with his doctors, family, and all concerned, Maestro Ozawa has decided to follow his doctors’ advice and during the next few months primarily focus on recovering his physical strength. Ozawa, therefore, has had to reschedule his performance activities for this summer, which has unfortunately resulted in cancellation of his concerts at Tanglewood. We wish Seiji a speedy recovery and look forward to his return visit to Tanglewood in future seasons.

Quote from Seiji Ozawa
“I am very very sad and sorry that I will have to miss this summer’s Tanglewood. I miss the Ground of Tanglewood and all my old colleagues and friends. Missing being in our house in West Stockbridge and playing tennis there. I am concentrating on eating and I am gaining more body strength now. I am so much looking forward to returning to Tanglewood SOON. My young colleagues, music students of Seiji Ozawa International Academy Switzerland will be there with you. They are so concentrated on playing Chamber music and Ensemble. I hope you will all enjoy their music-making as much as I enjoy!”

Quote from Mark Volpe, BSO Managing Director
“I know that Seiji is very disappointed not to be able to join us this summer at Tanglewood, as he was so very much looking forward to returning to the festival and working with his beloved Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood Music Center, introducing us all to his treasured Swiss Academy, and reconnecting with the many audience members who have supported him so passionately over the years. All of us at the BSO will miss Seiji’s presence this summer, but we understand that he has to follow his doctors’ advice to take the time needed to recover his strength after a busy work schedule in Europe and Japan in April and early May. We wish Seiji a speedy recovery and look forward to his return to Tanglewood in future seasons.”

I just received an email to judge an online music competition. (The site suggests it’s too expensive for many to travel to competitions, so this saves that expense.) I doubt very much the group knows who I am, whether I am competent or not, or anything about my teaching. It is addressed to “Dear Teacher”. If this is how a competition is run would you trust it? I did check the website and it exists … doesn’t look to be a fake site. But really … anyone can audition for the $100 Paypal fee. And it looks as if anyone can judge.

I wonder why I’m leery.

(And don’t ask me what I think about competitions in the first place!)


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…the FOOTBALL REMEMBERS campaign marks the centenary of the World War One 1914 Christmas Day truce in which soldiers played a game of football in No Mans Land near Ypres in Belgium.

I get emails from music companies on occasion, offering me free things. Asking me to publicize something. Wanting attention. When I began getting them it was rather fun and exciting and I felt special. Of course then I realized that they just have some sort of spambot that finds me because I have the word “oboe” in my URL. Classical, pop, rock, heavy metal … you name it, I seem to get it. These days I ignore them for the most part. It’s not that I hate the music (some of the time), but I have to be honest adn tell them I have no time to review things, which is what they want, of course. (I also get emails about contests I could host, but the last time I tried that it got so little attention I didn’t think it was worth it to do another. If you disagree let me know and I’ll try one again.)

In any case — after this bit of a pattyramble™ — I received one for a pop album and, believe it or not, it caught my attention. The story rang a bell, but it was a pretty distant one. I wanted to hear the music.

Well, well, well, one of my string playing pals favorite tunes, eh? 😉 But hey, maybe this is a good use for it. What say ye?

PS I recognize the name Julian Lennon. Otherwise I’m clueless. I need to study up on pop artists, I guess.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.32.27 AM

Here’s some info I also received:

I’ve been working with pluggers Dylan White and Steve Tandy on The Peace Collective’s version of ‘All Together Now’ a record that commemorates the 1914 Christmas Day truce between English and German troops, and supports the vital work of The British Red Cross and Shorncliffe Trust.

As we approach the final weekend of sales before the Christmas charts are announced, I would really appreciate any support you can give the single. It would also be hugely appreciated if everyone could take a moment or two to join the Thunderclap. This is a social media takeover that’s happening tomorrow evening. In just a couple of clicks you can ensure your social media profiles will host a Peace Collective message at 5pm tomorrow and hopefully we will see #AllTogetherNow trending. This is the link to use it really couldn’t be easier – http://thndr.it/1qvyef0

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Just received this:

The 2015 John Mack Oboe Camp will take place June 5-12, 2015 at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC. Scott Bell, Nicholas Stovall, Danna Sundet, Thom Moore, and Andria Hoy, all students of the late John Mack, will be teaching this summer. Repairman John Symer will present a basic adjustment masterclass and be available to assist participants with their instruments. The emphasis of the weeklong oboe-intense masterclass is standard etudes, orchestral excerpts and solo literature. Enrollment is open to advanced high school students, college students and professionals. A limited number of auditors are also taken each year. Our online application will be available February 1, 2015. More information is available online at http://et.kent.edu/oboecamp/ We hope to see you this summer!

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Okay … I lied again. I have to post this. And scream. Loudly.

I received this email:

My name is [name removed], I am a [name removed] University student who Co-Founded a music technology startup called [name removed]. Our patent-pending technology keeps instruments relevant by allowing musicians to trigger audio and video samples in real time from their instruments.


I received this via email yesterday:

Isn’t it about time a University stepped up and paid some of your school costs?

Well that time has come and here is your chance to let us pay!

Our innovative new Graduation Fund* is designed to help students pay
for school and successfully complete their programs.
Let us help pay for your school here [link removed]

No application – You’re automatically enrolled
No restrictions – No GPA requirements
No competition – All new undergraduates start a fund
No expirations – Stay enrolled and your fund keeps growing

See How we pay you to go to school here [link removed]

[name removed] University

Hmm. I’m sure that would be a worthwhile diploma to have.

Or maybe not.

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The Seattle Symphony and Opera Players’ Organization (SSOPO) today announced that a tentative contract agreement has been reached after 15 months of negotiations with the Symphony and Opera managements. The musicians of the SSOPO are scheduled to vote on May 14th to ratify the new contract, which addresses salary, pension and benefits, improves working conditions and includes a new media agreement. The term of the agreement extends through August 31, 2015.

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I received this in my email inbox today. Rather than spending time posting it in any other form, I’m just cutting and pasting:

Dear Ms. Emerson,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Philadelphia International Music Festival, featuring members of The Philadelphia Orchestra. PIMF offers a series of classical music programming to students of all ages and skill levels in the United States and around the world, creating the unique opportunity of spending fourteen days immersed in music education & performance with members of the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra.

We are hoping you will consider posting a description of our dynamic summer music programming for your readers that may be searching for an appropriate summer music festival for themselves, their children, or their students. Based on the content of your blog, we feel that our organization may be of high interest to your readers therefore adding additional value to your blog content (which already boasts outstanding information!)

The following is our recommended description:
The Philadelphia International Music Festival, featuring members of The Philadelphia Orchestra, includes four program options: orchestral studies, solo performance studies, college audition preparation, and piano studies (information available at: www.PhiladelphiaMusicFestival.org/about), as well as a separate program for college students and young professionals (information available at: www.PhiladelphiaMusicFestival.org/musichouse). All programs include private lessons and master classes with members of The Philadelphia Orchestra (including principal players), solo performance and competition opportunities, chamber music, daily private practice, optional daily music study courses, faculty recitals featuring principal players from The Philadelphia Orchestra, and more. Contact our office for further details at: 856.875.6816

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you!

Enthusiastically Yours,