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If you know the Ferling #35, well … I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Fantastic!

The Ferling REMIXES – No. 35

Oboe: Phil Popham

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There are different ways to play it … you can go with the wonderful Aaron Hill’s version, unaccompanied, as it was written.

Or you can go with Phil Popham’s version, that includes accompaniment. Here it is with the oboe:

Here it is without the oboe, so you can play along!

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Sometimes I struggle with a passage because I can’t quite wrap my fingers around it. I will think of a way to play it differently: sometimes I move the bar line by just one 16th note. Sometimes I play triplets instead of duplets. Sometimes I play around with articulation or even rhythm. It just helps to play it differently.

I’d never thought of this, though:

Oboist: Phil Popham

… and this reminds me that I have a LOT more Aaron Hill Ferling Etudes to put up!

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Yeah, I’ve been negligent about posting these again. But I’ve been negligent about this whole oboe site so I suppose it’s no surprise: I post little things, but forget to write much of importance. So sorry! I’ve started up with Tosca and I guess that’s sort of taken over my brain. (I’ll write more about Tosca later, but let me just write that I LOVE playing that opera!)

So here … Aaron Hill on another Ferling for you:

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I’m not keeping up! Aaron has already posted 16 of these! I guess I need to get back to this blog more frequently.


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Wow … Aaron Hill makes this look and sound easy! Bravo!

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Again, Aaron Hill:

Aaron Hill has started recording the wonderful Ferling etudes. Not knowing him, I will be honest and say I didn’t know what to expect. After hearing a few I admit I’m highly impressed! I hope readers (and listeners) here will enjoy and learn from them.

Here is the first etude:

Mr. Hill had posted some on a Facebook page and an individual wrote some amazingly impolite and unkind words about the etudes and, thus, was quite dismissive about Mr. Hill’s work. I was quite shocked … very seldom have I encountered such blatant rudeness in such a public way. If you don’t like something (like the Ferling) it’s not always necessary to tell the world! Ah well.

The same poster wrote to say that videos are not a good way to learn and was quite dismissive about that as well. Would I interpret each etude as Aaron Hill did? I doubt it. We all have our take on things. But we can all learn from watching and listening. It doesn’t mean we must mimic someone. We learn to write by not only writing, but by reading. We learn to play by not only practicing but by listening. Yes, private instructors are important. Live performances are as well. But in this world we live in now, why limit ourselves to that?