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What a fun but exhausting time at IDRS 2014. I think I have music leaking out of my ears now. I’m very grateful to have had Marigaux (I’m sorry I didn’t get the technician’s name in my head so I can’t note him here) work on my “baby” (yes, I do love my old but wonderful Marigaux oboe!). Renaud Patalowski, you are the best for encouraging me to bring it this year and insisting I leave it. It plays wonderfully!

Tomorrow I’ll try to drop by the vendors to say goodbye to a few people, and perhaps I’ll manage to attend a recital, but the latter is still a question mark. This is very taxing on me, being the introvert and all.

This evening we went to hear Threeds at Joe’s Pub, and the Breaking Winds opened for them. Both groups were just a blast to hear.

Photos you see below are all just iPhone photos. Quality isn’t great, but it at least is something.

Breaking Winds:
Breaking Winds, 8.8.14

Threeds, 8.8.14

Threeds 2, 8.8.14

From there we raced back to Washington Square Park so I could hear more music, and see Constantine Kitsopoulos conduct. Constantine conducted La Bohème many years ago up in San Francisco and I have the best memories of that time: he is one of the most wonderful conductors I’ve worked for. I just wish I could do more with him, but he’s on this coast and I’m on the other and … oh well. I guess it’s not meant to be. I arrived in time to hear Keve Wilson play. She sounded lovely!

Keve & Constantine, 2, 8.8.14

Now I’m beat. Sleep is definitely necessary.

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Oops … before I forget, I want to mention that Friday at 7:00 Threeds will be at Joe’s Pub. Doors open at 6:00. You can read more here.

Today was a full day … again! The sounds of the convention are many and varied. The sounds in the vendor rooms rather amazing. I took my iPhone around and just captured them, so I’ll post that sometime soon, but right now I have to get to bed.

I attended the “Centennial Birthday Serenade in tribute to William H. Scheide” and was fascinated by the film I’m posting below, for a number of reasons. Maybe you can figure out why. Maybe not. 🙂

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I am here. Soon performers will be as well. 🙂

Prior to lunch, and after the first recital, I heard both a Baroque ensemble and a jazz duo. There is a huge variety of music here. I love that!

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I just heard a recital of new music by John Steinmetz. The first work was a duo for bassoons, with one playing contra on two of the four movements, and the other was a duet for oboe and bassoon. Musicians were tom Nugent on oboe, Nicolosa Kuster on bassoon and Margaret Philips on bassoon and contra. Bravi tutti to all!

I didn’t manage to get a photo after the first duet, but here’s one from after the second.


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There is so much going on at this conference, and it’s a challenge to keep up my energy, but I’m loving it! I’ve seen some friends (what fun to meet you, Berke Hitay, in person finally!), heard great music, and eaten far too much. I definitely need to walk more, but there is so much to listen to, so I’m attempting to not worry about my lack of exercise for now.

I left my oboe at the Marigaux table today, to have it looked at … it’s like leaving a baby, all the while knowing it is in excellent hands. Thank you, Renaud Patalowski, for encouraging me to bring it! (And yes, I will forever be a Marigaux Girl!)

I also saw Jason Onks, and we had our picture taken together. I really want to get that and more posted, but for now I’ll post things that are easier to access, and I hope to get more up tomorrow. I need to get some rest.

Added quick note: I also ran into Robin Tropper, and he has a handy dandy “thumb thing” (have you named it, Robin?) which I think could save a whole lot of oboists a whole lot of trouble!






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… until you’ve heard a double reed band of over thirty fine musicians playing! Honestly, I’m grinning ear to ear at the moment! They are playing a new Ewazen work. I SO wish I could let you hear them, but being a law-abiding girl means I can’t. Rats! Just imaging the huge sound, though: we have oboes down to the lowest of bassoons! Or close to it. If you know Ewazen’s music you can maybe imagine it a bit. This is wonderful and makes my heart happy!

Double Reed Band

And Ewazen is in the house! Cool! It appears, in fact, that all the composers are here. More to make my heart happy. Or maybe not quite all … I’m not seeing Alex Shapiro here, so maybe I misunderstood. The first two were here, though. And, as it turns out, all but Ms. Shapiro took their bows … and all but Mr. Ewazen conducted.

Composers: Eric Ewazen, Bill Douglas, Alex Shapiro, Christopher Weait and Daniel Baldwin

… and may I just say that if you think cowboy film music played by a double reed band you’d be thinking correctly for several of these works. 😉

Bravi tutti to the group!

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I have just arrived at NYU this morning — I’m moving too slowly and getting lost too easily! Still, I’m finally here and about to hear a recital involving oboe, bassoon and piano … here goes…

What a delightful recital and what fine players! More later … blogging isn’t easy when in the hall, and of course is also distracting so I wait until we are between works or, as in this case, until after. This program is one I’ll want to write more about so readers can investigate the works. Three of the works (quite new) were for the trio and all were wonderful: I think they would be great fun to put together and play. They certainly weren’t easy, though!

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I’m waiting for the recital to begin … one I definitely wanted to attend! Mingjia plays principal oboe in San Francisco opera and he’s a great musician … and he’s nice, too! I’ve not met Robert Walters, but I’m familiar with his fine playing and I’m pretty sure he’s one fine instructor.

They began with a duet not printed in the program. It is one I’ve played, but sure can’t remember what it is. Wonderful!

Mingjia is now playing the Britten Metamorphosis. I just love his sound. What a fine, fine musician.

~time lapse~

And really, did someone have a phone alarm set for 4:30 and did it go off during Niobe? Grumble.

~time lapse~

Next up an oboe and English horn duet by Alec Wilder. What a nice little work. If I did recitals these days I think it would be a fun one to do.

~time lapse~

Movements weren’t listed for the Wilder duet so no one applauded at the end. No one wants to be the one who applauds at the wrong time. Too funny.

Now it’s a Wilder work for English horn and piano, with Robert Walters on English horn. Again a work I don’t know. I like it!

~time lapse~

Mr. Walters just had the pianist lower the lid. I’m glad, as it was just a bit too heavy. (That should have been done at the morning recitals as well.) This Wilder is lovely.

Come to think about it, I wonder if this is on the Frank Sinatra conducts Alec Wilder (yes … really!) CD I have. Mitch Miller is the oboe/English horn player on that recording. Again … really! I think that was with strings, though. Now I’m going to have to pull that out.

~huge time lapse~

I had to wait to write about the final work, Britten’s Temporal Variations. Mingia played it, and it was simply amazing. It was done with projected visuals on a screen behind, and while it was amazing, it was also chilling. Terribly chilling. As it should be. (When one sees images of Hitler and all one shouldn’t feel comfortable.)

At the end the audience was silent.

Again, as it should be.

What a concert.

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I’ve attended one recital and I’m waiting for the next. This second one is Jennet Ingle’s and I’ve conversed with her online a bit so this should be fun! I always enjoy meeting and hearing people in real life when I’ve met them online.

I arrived late to the first recital: it’s taking me a while to figure out where I am here! The oboist, Minkyu Yoon, was excellent. I’ll post more about it when I have more time and feel like my brain is functioning better. Perhaps I’ll find links to players later as well.

For now I’m hitting publish and hoping this works. I couldn’t post anything from my phone, which was odd.

Ed room 303