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My friend and oboe colleague, Michael Adduci, has set up a new site! Check it out. You’ll find some great information, including a lot about music theory. WELL worth a look and another look and another ….

No, I don’t know how to do it. Yes, I should learn.

I’ve always had a very fast tongue. But guess what? Along with other things, my tongue has slowed down. I may have lost around 30 pounds from walking this past year, but my tongue is just getting slower and slower and I don’t think anything is going to help that. So I suppose it’s time.

No. It’s way PAST time.

I really need to learn how to double tongue. Anyone else want to join in on the adventure? I just read Christa Garvey‘s The Oboist‘s instructions. Seems doable. If I’m disciplined.

Maybe I should take a reed on a walks with me for a while and practice then.

Or maybe not.

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Go check out this blog entry by Eric Edberg. Yikes! Was this someone’s idea of a joke, or did they really label the piano keys that way?

Sort of scary to think about, you know?

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… what makes it classical? (As you recall, I pondered this when it was announced that Madonna was writing classical music.)

Read online:

Tori Amos describes her classical music album in the most Tori Amos-y way possible


Tori Amos announces classical album and UK tour dates

(The first is here.)

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If you go here you can find the top 10 reasons to support the arts.

Hmmm. How about “Arts feed the soul”? How about “Arts are absolutely out of this world incredible”? How about “Arts hit me in the gut like nothing else”?

Just some of my ideas ….

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I can’t embed it here, so you’ll just have to go here to listen to the two friends.

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… and now at least one of you (you know who you are!) will comment saying, “You don’t really fall for this ranking thing, do you?” and then I reply, “Not really, but still….” (So now you can neglect to comment and I won’t respond; see how easy that was?) But I was higher a while back. Now I’m dropping. I wish my weight would drop too. It only seems fair, you know?

1 Clef Notes
2 Sequenza21/
3 Opera Chic
4 Opera Today
5 Proper Discord
6 Sandow
7 The Opera Tattler
8 Adaptistration
9 Musical Assumptions
10 Nico Muhly
11 Ionarts
12 Michael Huebner’s Blog & Column – al.com
13 Of Music and Men
14 Andrew Patner: The View from Here
15 Eric Edberg
16 The Collaborative Piano Blog
17 oboeinsight
18 Summer is Coming In
19 Lynn Harrell
20 Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog
21 A Beast in a Jungle
22 Chamber Music Today
23 The Classical Beat
24 Likely Impossibilities
25 The Stark Raving Cello Blog
26 Bryan Pinkall’s World of Opera
27 MusicaSacra
28 Violinist.com
29 Brian Dickie
30 AfriClassical

Ranking made by Wikio

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I’m not nearly as well known as Robert Orth, but I once wrote a wacky bio too. Sadly I threw mine away. You would have loved to hate it. Really. But his is online (just click the link). Enjoy!

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I have a few hours before I teach, and then I head on out to the first ballet rehearsal. I’d be watching a Giants game, but the darn things aren’t going to be on a station we have all that often this year, it appears. Rats!

So instead I guess I’ll relax and kick back and all that jazz. Or spend hours on the computer. You guess which. 😉

Meanwhile, check out Matthew Curran’s blog entry about last week. I always love it when there’s another blogger out there writing about events I write about; it’s fun to read other people’s perspectives and all. And he, after all, was one of the stars of the “show”!

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I’ve been interviewed by a blogger. You can read my goofiness here.

Thanks, Sebastian, for including me at your site! 🙂