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Or is it “How much is that doggie in the opera?”

Dress your dog as an opera character! You know you want to.

Read it to believe it.

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THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (NBC, 8:30-9:30 p.m.). David McCallum displays his musical talent when he turns English horn player to thwart Thrush.

Cool, eh?

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“Science has come an awful long way in the last 250 years,” Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart told a Symphony Hall audience of about 2,000 parents and young children during a family concert.

But is “awful” correct? I thought it should be “awfully”. If he says “awful” doesn’t that mean that the long way that science has come is awful rather than good? Hmmm. Dunno. My grammar ain’t always so good.

Thoughts? (About the “awful” not about the quote … it’s sort of a “big duh” thing to say, isn’t it?)

The article is here in case you are interested in what this quote is about!

Thanks for the link, Kelsey!

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Maestro Boughton mentioned the Sibelius quote I posted yesterday. How ’bout that?

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I do such silly things sometimes. Call me a goof! But the latest—the Nohari window thing—was a silly idea.

Sometimes I feel the need to bare all and show all my faults.

Sometimes I need to ignore what I feel!

I’ve removed the link … if you want to tell me about my weaknesses, which are many, you can easily send me an email. Go for it. 🙂

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Tannhaeuser und der Saengerkrieg


Your opera is a romantic drama of the struggle

between earthly passion and spiritual


Which Wagner Opera Do You Belong In?
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The high school student mentioned in an article I referred to earlier located my site and has sent me his explanation to the newspaper article I referred to:

I would like to clear up what has been an extremely embarrassing event for me: the article in Greenwich Time that features my comments about MySpace. I assure you that this article does not accurately portray me, that my ridiculous MySpace page was made to parody a typical high school student, and that I was grossly misrepresented by Greenwich Time. During the interview with this local newspaper, I repeatedly told the reporter how silly and immature I find MySpace to be, yet what actually came out in the paper makes me look, as you point out, like an idiot. I also requested that my name not be printed in the paper which was, of course, ignored. Oboe is very important to me and I am presently auditioning for conservatories so I wish to reiterate that “drinking” is not my pastime at all. Again, this website was made entirely in jest; clearly, my goal in life is not to meet Jack Daniels! Please understand that I am quite contrary to how this article presents me. I am very sorry if I have inadvertently offended you. Thank you.

Sincerely, (unnamed student)

So there you have it. (And, just so readers know, I wasn’t offended.)

Some might wonder how I found the original article. Nearly every day I go to google, click on the news search, and do a search on “oboe”. I also search on bassoon, English horn, and various performing groups. Sometimes I run across some great articles this way.

First located here at Les Histories de Moi I have done my “word cloud” at snapshirts.com. It is so cool! I have to get one of these shirts. (I plan on a black shirt with white print. I think.


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This is going around the music world right now:

Last night at rehearsal the oboe player, who constantly sucks on her reed during rests and between selections, inadvertently inhaled and swallowed her reed. I immediately called the emergency room and asked what I should do. Without hesitation the nurse said, “Use a muted trumpet instead.”

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Just a few notes, since some of you readers out there are getting those college acceptances!

  • If there is more than one oboe instructor at the school (generally this is at conservatories) find out how you are assigned a teacher.
  • Take a lesson from the oboe instructor if you are able to.
  • If you can’t take a lesson, at least converse; most instructors have email addresses listed at the college site.
  • Listen to the orchestra! Please. If the orchestra is beneath your level, you should think twice before attending the school if you are going to major in oboe. Odds are you are required to be in the orchestra and playing in a poor group can be a bad experience.
  • Contact the orchestra conductor and see if you can even sit in on a rehearsal. Some allow that.
  • Is the orchestra by audition only? (It should be if you care about quality.)
  • See how many performing groups there are at the school, and see how often they perform.
  • Do they do opera with full orchestra?
  • Is there a reed lab? Not all schools have them, but it sure is a nice thing!
  • How large is the department?

I’m sure I’ll think of more things to add to this list.

Right now I have to race out the door to teach!