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Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy – Tchaikovsky – Dan Waldron oboe, oboe d’amore, cor Anglais

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HAH! These guys are nuts!

Danse de la Fée Trashée
(d’après P .Tchaikovsky, Casse-Noisette – Danse de la Fée Dragée)

OFF des musiciens de l’Orchestre de Paris

Camille Baslé, Emmanuel Hollebeke, Nicolas Martynciow, Éric Sammut : percussions

Enregistrement sur le vif : Hannelore Guittet
Filmé par les musiciens du OFF
Montage par les musiciens du OFF

Merci à l’Orchestre de Paris et la Philharmonie de Paris pour leur soutien.

Regardez l’intégralité du calendrier de l’avent sur www.nomadmusic.fr/calendrierdelavent


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Ho Ho Horns

Horns of the Berliner Philharmoniker: Stefan de Leval Jezierski, Fergus McWilliam, Paolo Mendes, Georg Schreckenberger, Sarah Willis, Andrej Žust, Anaís María Romero Blánquez, Ivo Dudler, Klaus Wallendorf, horn · Franz Schindlbeck, percussion / Recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie, 4 December 2016

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It is very unusual for professional musicians to not do The Nutcracker around the holidays. It’s a staple. It’s pretty much expected. It is also not at all unusual for us to whine a bit about it, since playing so many performances for so many years can be a bit tiring. In addition, we usually play at least up until Christmas and some groups go after as well. We miss family time. We miss traveling. So we whine.

Until we lose the gig.

Our local ballet company was struggling mightily for a number of years, and they eventually started performing to recorded music. Then this past year they folded all together.

Bye bye, Nuts.

Suddenly many of us missed The Nutcracker. Funny how that happens. I especially missed seeing all the little children so dressed up for their first experience with the Nutcracker. That was always a delight to see, and I know that we were creating a memory for them that would, very likely, last a lifetime.

So gone was the Nutcracker. And I was sad about that.

UNTIL … our very own Symphony Silicon Valley decided to produce it on our own! If you care about live music with ballet. If you care about making this new endeavor a success. If you live in the area. PLEASE purchase tickets!

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Maybe it’s because I won’t be playing a single performance this year. Maybe it’s just because these guys are good and sometime crack me up. Maybe it’s because the video production is wacky.

Maybe it’s just because I am wacky!


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – Pentatonix

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.. and I know, too, that you probably don’t need to hear Nutcracker ANY time of the year, but … well …

(And I watch this and just keep thinking, “THE REED! THE REED! You are going to ruin the REED!”)

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Okay, you’d think I’d have had enough, but this was fun!

… and today I play my final two Nuts!

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Both here in San Jose and elsewhere …


Garrett Hudson, Flute
Erin Tsai, Oboe
Jack Marquardt, Clarinet
Tracy Jacobson, Bassoon
Anni Hochhalter, French Horn

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Sonata da Chiesa Chamber Ensemble

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Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec on glass harp