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When I first learned of the group Take 6 I was just astounded by their harmonies and wonderful singing. Now I’m astounded by this. Bravo, Eugene Izotov

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(Can you hear the variety of tone? Oboists don’t all sound the same!)

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… played, of course by the instruments that are Queens of the Woodwinds!

Brava, Bernice Lee!
Arrangement by Fergus Davidson

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If you can’t play with an orchestra at the moment, just become one yourself. Right?

Well, maybe if you are Diana Doherty.

Strauss Oboe Concerto: first movement

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Jose Antonio Masmano Villar plays some of Pulcinella by Stravinsky. And it is ever so lovely. (Many thanks to Anne Krabill for bringing this to my attention.)

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This is just such fun and, as I wrote above, delightful!

Viet Cuong: Extra(ordinarily) Fancy – Concerto for Two Oboes • Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra

December 8, 2019
First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica

OBOE I – Robert Walker
OBOE II – Laura Arganbright

Benjamin Hoffman
Chiai Tajima
Gabriel Anker
Clara Lee
Alex Granger

Eva Dove
Liana Branscome
Gregory Lewis
April Paik

Liam Brolly
Drew Forde
Marissa Winship

Allan Hon
Marza Wilks
Armen Ksajikian

Luis Primera
Dante Ascarrunz

Anthony Trionfo

Benjamin Mitchell

Nicholas Hooks

Elizabeth Linares Montero
Corin Droullard
Rachel Nierenberg

John-Thomas Burson

Liam Wilt

Garrett Arney
David Riccobono

Irene Kim

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My friend Grace Hodges Tice is the oboist in this lovely rendition of the Morricone piece. Please enjoy!

From the Facebook page:
“Gabriel’s Oboe” – during our Covid 19 isolation time. This is one of my favorite pieces of music and it was a privilege to record with these amazing artists: Erika Fish Johnson(cello), Grace Hodges Tice (oboe). I dedicate this to my daughter, Melody McCain Dowdy. We hope you enjoy this wonderful Ennio Morricone composition and that you consider sharing this on your Facebook page for others to enjoy.

José Antonio Masmano, oboe, oboe d’amore, English horn

Escrita originalmente para soprano y bajo continuo, el aria “La satisfacción es un tesoro en esta vida” (Bach) aquí en la versión para oboe, corno inglés y oboe de amor de nuestros compañeros José, Antonio y Masmano.

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You can read about Philippe Tondre here.

You can here him here:

And he is one fine, fine player! Congratulations to him. (And hey, he plays a Marigaux!)

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I have a parent looking for an oboe so I thought I’d Google and see what I come up with if I search for “Good oboes for students.” I came across an article that included this:

So, looking for a major brand is a good idea. A brand such as Selmer, buffet or Yamaha. There are many others and I will make a list of those and put those in addition to this article, so you can look at those separately.

Laree, which is kind of the Rolls-Royce of the oboe world not necessarily a great place for a beginner to start but they have a high resale value.

SO many warning signs in the article, but even in these two paragraphs. No, Selmer is not a good choice. Buffet is okay, as is Yamaha. Then there is the comment on “Laree” … it’s LOREE and those are top notch oboes but there are a number of other great oboes that could also be called “Rolls-Royce”.

I get so angry with these faulty articles. They are likely written by people who don’t even play (links to Amazon on this one tell me it’s merely a money-making site), and possibly by bots. There are MANY of them out there, this was only the first I landed on.

If you are looking to rent or buy an oboe talk to your teacher. If you don’t have a teacher GET ONE. If you rent or buy do so from a reputable dealer or from a seller who you know you can trust. If you aren’t sure, talk to your teacher. If you don’t have a teacher GET ONE.

Did I mention talking to your teacher? 😉

(Side Note: It is interesting to me that much in the article I found IS good. I wonder if it is a compilation of various sites. Odd.)