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San Francisco Symphony’s Oboist Collapses During Performance
The principal oboist of the San Francisco Symphony collapsed in mid-performance of Richard Strauss’ oboe concerto Saturday night and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. An orchestra spokesman, Oliver Theil, said the musician, William Bennett, was standing on stage before the orchestra and performing when he passed out. He said Mr. Bennett, 56, suffered a brain hemorrhage and was in the hospital in “guarded condition” on Sunday. The oboist joined the symphony in 1979 and has been principal since 1987.

In a review of an earlier performance this week, the critic Joshua Kosman, writing in The San Francisco Chronicle, said Mr. Bennett gave “a rare and eloquent rendition” of the work. “Bennett, who last played the piece with the Symphony more than 20 years ago, sounded as virtuosic and forthright as ever,” Mr. Kosman wrote. “He sailed through the technical challenges of the opening movement, and brought limpid purity of tone to the slow movement.”

I had heard about this last night but waited until it was made public. This is very sad and I do pray for a full recovery.

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One of the wonderful things about the internet is that we can share information, and we can share it quickly. We can also help others. I have permission, via another friend, by Ron’s wife to share this information here (I always like to check before sharing information like this). I am certain every little bit will help. Please consider a donation, no matter how small.

Ron Sipes is an extraordinary musician and friend and for all of you out there who have had the pleasure to meet or know him, you know what a special man and artist he is! My friend Ron suffered a massive stroke last month, December, 2012* and is battling his way back from the brink! Ron was best man at my wedding and is not only a dear friend, but one of the most passionate musicians I know.

I’m appealing to all who have met or know Ron and even those of you who don’t, to help a fellow artist in need. Ron’s medical bills are and will continue to be astronomical and every dollar will help. No donation is too great, but more importantly, no donation is too small and every dollar will help this wonderful artist quite literally get back on his feet. I ask everyone to share this link with their fellow artists and implore the entire artistic community to help one of their colleagues in this direct and extremely effective way by donating even the equivalent of one cup of coffee. Every dollar will be appreciated equally and will help this wonderful man and artist in the most tangible way possible. Please, please take a moment to donate a small gift toward helping Ron!

I gratefully thank each and every one of you!
Dan Bowling

Please go here to help.

*In reading the link’s info the stroke was actually October 31, 2012, I believe.

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Kurt Masur, the legendary former director of the New York Philharmonic, was recovering from injuries in a hospital on Friday after he fell off a podium during a concert in the French capital.

The 84-year-old Masur, who was conducting the National Orchestra of France on Thursday night, lost balance during a movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6.

The orchestra’s spokesperson, Camille Grabowski, told The Associated Press on Friday that Masur is expected to be released “very soon” from Paris’ Pompidou hospital, following overnight tests.

“He fell upside down onto his back because his left foot was too near the edge of the podium. It’s not linked to health problems. He’s as healthy as anyone of his age,” added Grabowski.


Struggling Valiently

Evolving Unexpectedly

It’s difficult to know exactly what those mean, though.

Just read this:

Dear friends of Salvatore Licitra,
Here is to inform that Salvatore Licitra suffered a severe traffic accident late Saturday night, August 27, in Modica (Ragusa, Sicily). He was brought to Garibaldi di Catania hospital where he had surgery and is treated for his serious injuries.

And here is a news article.

This doesn’t sound good.

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Opera San José General Manager, Larry Hancock has announced that Christopher Bengochea and Sandra Bengochea (Rubacalva) will join the cast of Opera San José’s La bohème opening April 23 at the California Theatre in downtown San José.

The husband and wife team will reprise the roles they played in Opera San José’s 2006 production of La bohème. Mrs. Bengochea (Rubacalva) will perform the role of the flirtatious Musetta on April 23, 28, May 1, and 3. Mr. Bengochea will assume the role of Rodolfo, the young Parisian poet for the April 24, 30, May 6, and 8 performances. Due to personal health reasons, resident artists Betany Coffland and Michael Dailey will be unable to perform as originally scheduled.


I do wish Betany and Michael speedy recoveries!

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Boston Symphony Orchestra music director James Levine has withdrawn from his remaining schedule this season because of illness.

The BSO said Tuesday that “ill effects from a recent procedure addressing his ongoing back issues, further complicated by a viral infection,” forced Levine to cancel the concerts.

The withdrawal affects a March 3-19 tour of New York and New Jersey. But the BSO says all performances, including Symphony Hall, Carnegie Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and Kennedy Center appearances, will take place as scheduled.

On Friday, illness forced Levine to withdraw from a second straight performance.

I read it here.

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Something many musicians do think about is damage to our fingers. I am SO sorry to read about this:

Pamela and Bill Resch thought a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown Los Gatos would be the perfect way to celebrate the holidays and their upcoming 42nd wedding anniversary.
When another couple was late for the ride, the Resches took the opportunity to pose for pictures with the horses. Pamela Resch, an accomplished concert pianist, said she didn’t panic at first when a horse named Tom started nibbling on her finger after she pet him on the head.
“I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘Let go,”’ she said. “He started to chew.”
In the next few frantic moments, the couple said, the horse bit off the tip of her right pinky finger — sending Resch into shock and leaving in doubt whether she’d ever command the piano again.
“I saw a little piece of meat and a red thing hanging off, and my next thought was ‘my life is over,”’ Resch, 63, said Tuesday of the Dec. 21. ordeal.
In the chaos that followed, someone found the fingertip and gave it to Bill Resch in a cup of ice, he said. A plastic surgeon re-attached the tip that night and everyone is hoping for the best.
“I heard ‘let go, let go,”’ Bill Resch said. Then, “she was holding her hand up and somebody was saying, ‘Where’s the finger, where’s the finger?'”


I know Pam and her husband Bill. This is just such awful news. I do pray that the finger heals properly. This is scary.

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The 85-year-old founder of Opera of San Jose is recovering at the hospital after being involved in a car accident Friday, the opera’s publicist said today.
Irene Dalis, whose birthday party with nearly 250 guests on Oct. 15 was chronicled in the Mercury News, suffered a broken leg, but is “still feisty as ever,” said Virginia Perry, the opera’s director of marketing and development. “She’s giving out directives and telling people not to send flowers or condolences, but send donations to the opera instead.”

… and isn’t that just like Miss Dalis?! I knew she’d suggest donations! (I even told a friend that very thing.)

I had received this news yesterday, but didn’t feel it appropriate to post it on my blog. Now that it’s in the Mercury News, though, I figure it’s out there for the world to see in any case.

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Not only did illness force Riccardo Muti to withdraw from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Symphony Ball concert Saturday night at Orchestra Hall, it will force the CSO music director to cancel the remainder of his fall residency weeks with the orchestra.

The Italian conductor, 69, is “suffering from extreme gastric distress” and, on the advice of local physicians, “must fly home to Milan to consult with his doctors,” according to a statement released by the orchestra on Sunday. The release did not elaborate on the seriousness of Muti’s condition.

“I cannot express the depth of my regret that I am unable to complete this first residency as music director,” Muti said in a statement. “I have had the privilege of making marvelous music together with this great orchestra, and I am confident that we will continue to do so when I return again.”


Here is another article.

I certainly wish him a speedy recovery.