28. April 2020 · 2 comments · Categories: Repair

Here’s Sean! Take a listen! He is located in San Jose.

So is this how all of you do this? (I just take my oboe in to be serviced.)

Part 1:

Part II:

29. October 2009 · Comments Off on BLISS! · Categories: Oboe, Repair

I’m just home from Bob Hubbard’s house. He owns Westwind Double Reeds, and do check in here on occasion to see if his business website is up and running; when it is I suggest you check it out! I own three of his shaper tips and I love them. He will be selling other equipment as well, including reed knives, dial indicators … and of course all the “other stuff” we reed makers spend far too much time with.

But anyway … back to my story (this blog is all about me, right?!) … my “usual” oboe is fixed! Ahhhh, low notes, how I love you (now). Ahhhh, banana key, how reachable you are! Both my “usual” oboe and my English horn have a bit of cork repair too.


Thanks, Bob! Now get that site up! 🙂