Some years ago I received a copy of “Welcome to the Symphony” (for some reason I can’t find my review here now). It was a fun book, and my oboe students enjoyed it as they sat in the living room waiting for their lessons. Yesterday I received a new one: “Welcome to the Opera“. They use The Magic Flute (with words in English) for the opera sample. It’s cute!

As you can see in the first image, there are numbered selections that you can push for sound, just like the symphony book. It’s a cute addition to the music book library!

(I think you’ll have to click on the link. I couldn’t manage to figure out how to load the video with the image. No clue why!)

Oh … here’s one they provide:

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This is a quick, “I really should post about this now” kind of entry because I was offered a copy of this book about the Philadelphia Orchestra’s trip to China in 1973 quite a while back. I immediately wrote back to say “yes, I’d love to read it!”, as it sounded so interesting … and it is. But I’ve been neglectful in posting, and of course the reason the book was sent to me was so I could promote it.

These days going to China isn’t as huge a thing (although I’ve never been), but I remember when my husband’s aunt went shortly after things opened up. It was a gigantic deal. This book covers the tour with interesting little tidbits and interviews and I highly recommend it.

The issues with music, music choices, and the disagreement over playing Beethoven’s 6th (I had no clue Eugene Ormandy didn’t like the work before reading this) are covered along with so much more. Reading about the history and the rules about what could or could not be played and heard in China is fascinating. (I did have some parents who talked to me about growing up there when things were very restricted in so many ways — If one wore something resembling bell bottoms someone with a scissors would come and cut up the bottom of the pant legs!)

I have yet to finish the book (I’m a slow reader!), and I think I’ll go spend some more time with it right now.

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Conductor Joseph Marcheso did a masterful job leading
the orchestra. I particularly loved a short piccolo (possibly flute) solo, and there are plenty of oboe parts which are always my favorite.

The oboe parts are often my favorites too! 🙂

I read it here. (pdf)

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Two reviews are in so far. Both are quite positive. Not only that … I was mentioned! What fun to read that, although I don’t feel tremendously heroic.

There are numerous heroes in the pit, too, including flutist Isabelle Chapuis and oboist Patricia Emerson Mitchell, who beautifully executed the solos composed by Weiser for those instruments.

—Richard Scheinin

(Found here)

The other review, by Joshua Kosman, can be seen here.

I really love this opera, and it appears others are enjoying it as well. I have a few solos, and I think the work is quite well written for oboe. That being said, it is NOT an easy work to play, and I have to keep my energy up throughout.

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Special credit goes to Janet Popesco Archibald for her magnificent English horn solo during “Ma dall’arido stelo divulsa.”

I absolutely love seeing friends get good reviews, and Janet is one fine player. I always enjoy hearing the wonderful musicians of San Francisco Opera.

RTWT, written by Lisa Hirsch. She didn’t care for the men. I’ll have to see what I think, but she is an opera expert and I most certainly am not.

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Richard Scheinin has posted his review.

I completely agree: Debbie Kramer was fantastic. Working with George Cleve was amazing. Pam Hakl was stunning. It really was “all that”. And more.

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Mr. Scheinin liked it … as did the audiences. There was more cheering than I’ve heard in a long time at the end of the concerts!

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Looks like Mr. Scheinin liked it. Nice! 🙂

Both Saturday and Sunday’s opening performances were rewarded with standing ovations. From what I can hear, the singers sound great!

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Check out what Richard Scheinin had to say about last night’s performance. Nice! It’s always so good to read a positive review, and it’s great to see San Jose Chamber Orchestra get this sort of attention!

Jon Nakamatsu and Jon Manasse truly were out of this world amazing. They just ooze music. Michael Touchi’s new work was wonderful.

It’s really humbling to be in the presence of such fine musicians. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be there.

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… and rather favorable, at that!

Richard Scheinin of the Mercury News

David Bratman of San Francisco Classical Voice