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… for my students and, even more, for so much more.

Of course I’m also posting this because of … well … because I care. I’ve read that some people don’t. I’m off of Facebook for a while, so I have to post it somewhere!

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I have searched for the pages where these were originally posted and can’t find them anywhere. I would like to attribute them to the the appropriate parties, after all! Does anyone know who made them? If so, please do fill me in.

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Info here

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Johns Hopkins University needs to offer a music appreciate class to people who work on their website, I think. This is what I found:

I saw it here.

So many confuse oboe and bassoon. It’s crazy … they do look so very different! The confusion with the clarinet is at least a bit more understandable. But THIS?!

Yamaha Oboe in good condition, with hard case, three reeds (of unknown quality), cleaning swab and cork grease. Plastic body with silver plated keys. Pads and cork in good shape. The number 004864 is embossed on the body. Was given to my son by a relative, but he never really played it.

No. No. No.

Just NO.

I saw the images. Um … used reeds? I think not! Oboe without the left F and low B-flat. Why bother? Well … except for a lamp stand!

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… and oboe you just can’t even imagine!

Thank you to John Clark, who sent me this image. This is from a ebay ad for a “Vintage Linton Oboe”


I have been a professional musician since 1975. I just want you to know. Perhaps I’ll pursue that botany degree now, though. I do love me some botany!

A recent ad that Wells Fargo put out there was, shall we say, a wee bit unfortunate. Or more than a wee bit. Sadly I have had parents who would agree: the arts are merely dreams and avocations and ways to get into the college of their child’s their choice. I have even had parents who will not allow their children to play their oboe once they get into college. Sigh.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.36.15 PM

Okay, Wells Fargo has since apologized for their unfortunate ad. And I believe in forgiveness. I also know they have been generous in giving to the arts and I thank them for that!

Wells Fargo is deeply committed to the arts, and we offer our sincere apology for the initial ads … they were intended to celebrate the aspirations of all young people and fell short of that goal … We are making changes to the campaign’s creative that better reflect our company’s core value of embracing diversity and inclusion, and our support of the arts.

So there you go. Over ‘n out.

Music For Cats

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Just a couple of comments:

I don’t put the bell on first, and I’ve played for … um … over 45 years. I also take the bell of first when I’m putting it away. Go figure. Learn something new every day. (Not that I’ll change my habits now.)

I never use a silk swab. Having caught those darn things in the oboe (and English horn) too many times (even with that “tail” that is supposed to allow us to pull it back out in a swab emergency). In addition, if you DO use those, be sure and put the joing completely upright once the weighted part of the swab appears and you grab on to it. There are gremlins in the joints and they LOVE to knot things up if you hold it downward or sideways. Trust me. I do have a number of friends who use these silk swabs, so I know others love them. I just like a simple old t-shirt type material swab. They are more absorbent and they rarely get stuck.

That being said, it’s a nice, clear video, and the player does a nice job playing. 🙂