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I have links to Sheet Music Plus on my site, and when someone orders via the link I get a little percentage of the sale. (I’ve noted that on the pages where I have that link when I remember.) It helps with the cost of the blog, and I thank all of you who have ordered via the site. It’s much appreciated! My blog isn’t a profit producing kind of thing (some are, and I’ve been asked by a few businesses to do that with this, but that would take all the fun out of it, I think), but if I can cover some of the costs I’m okay with that.

Yesterday I received notice that they are having a sale, and I’m providing a link right up front here, in case you are interested.

Sheet Music Plus Featured Sale

Back in January, 2006, I posted a note about a piece that was coming out that featured Kelsey’s artwork and my hands. I’ve never seen the sheet music myself. I’m curious if anyone out there every purchased it. I’m guessing not … I should have bought it!


The edition is Andel. I guess I could purchase it here
and hope that they still feature the same artwork on the front. (Having searched around a bit I see a photo of an oboe on a cover … I’m guessing they’ve redone it by now. Rats!)

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I went to a recital by my friend (and fab reed maker) Mike Adduci sometime last year. In that concert he premiered a work by Kerry Lewis. I really enjoyed his composition, and I think his works would be a great addition to your music library.

Today I received this note:

To Patty and Michael and my other double-reed musician friends: I’m happy to report that my “Suite for Oboe” and “Elegy” for oboe were just published by TrevCo Music and can be ordered from there (TCO 1187 and TCO 1188). Thanks to Michael Adduci for recommending my music to the publisher.
The Elegy was originally a movement of the Suite, but I decided to make it a separate piece because the Suite was very long.

You can purchase the works here.

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Sheet Music Plus is having a 20% sale on music for small ensembles. Yes, this includes woodwind quintets and quartets.

And yes, I do get a small stipend for posting this information here. Thanks to those of you who use this link. It is greatly appreciated!

Publisher and editor Trevor Cramer of TrevCo describes Lacy’s music as “innovative, refreshing and creative.” He says that the new pieces are “a wonderful addition to the literature available to the double reed player and others.”

Since some readers are double reeders, I figured I’d post a link to this article. (I did have to kind of laugh about the photo of the composer. My first reaction was, “too bad he has half a face.” I know it’s supposed to look creative and all … just doesn’t work for me.)

You can also visit Trev Co Music to see what else is there. It’s a good resource for double reed musicians.