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Keep your eyes and ears open, please …

Please Forward Oboe and Cello stolen today in Brazil!

Today (13/02/2016) of late my husband Pablo Hernandez and I went robbed at gunpoint in gonçalo de carvalho, in front of the house of music (Porto Alegre), By 18 o ‘ Clock. Here are the photos of us with the instruments stolen, please disseminate these photos and the information. The Oboe is a loree royal and was in a estocjo gray. I was also in a backpack with knives and blades (all the stuff that Pablo had). The Cello has no information inside, and the arc has pieces of appearance of gold. Any information helps!! These instruments has a great sentimental value.. We pay a reward!! Get in touch with us by the numbers (51) 9893-2185 (Whatsapp and connection) and (51) 3386-1877. Email: Rominamc@Gmail.Com thank you very much for your help!

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Keep your eyes open, please!

Stolen oboe: Karen Ages had an oboe and English horn stolen from her car in Toronto on Sept. 11, 2014. Both instruments are Lorée make. The oboe is an AK model, and the serial number is TA 78. The English horn serial number is HV 25. Please keep your eye out for these instruments, and contact Karen (via Facebook) if you hear anything about them. And please spread the word!

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Read the article.

I do hope she gets the instrument back: we do love our babies, and a one-of-a-kind even more so, I’m sure.

(Another oboe was stolen only a month or two ago from the same city. Sad.)

Do keep alert and look for this oboe! This is from Katherine Needleman:

My Yamaha oboe 841 Duet Model was taken from inside its case cover (oboe and its hard case stolen) from Le Square Phillips Hotel in Montreal QB this morning the 19th around 10:45am. Also stolen were an apple laptop and ipad. The oboe is unusual in that it does not have a serial number as it was a prototype. I have been playing it exclusively for the past seven years. $1000US reward for the return of my dear oboe; couldn’t care less about the electronics. Please share widely.

If you have any info feel free to contact me at patty oboe [at] me [dot] com. If I hear directly from her with her direct contact information I’ll fill you in on that.

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Milwaukee police have recovered the rare Stradivarius violin that was stolen from Concertmaster Frank Almond on Jan. 27, multiple sources tell TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jermont Terry.

Three suspects were arrested Wednesday in connection with the theft.

Our sources said one of the suspects took detectives to where the instrument was being held at someone’s residence on Milwaukee’s east side Wednesday night.

The violin is now at Milwaukee police headquarters and is in good condition.

Police will hold a news conference at noon on Thursday to announce further details.

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Milwaukee and Wauwatosa police are investigating what could be the most valuable heist in Milwaukee’s history — the armed robbery of a violin that is nearly three centuries old.
Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says just before 10:30 p.m. on Monday, January 27th, two armed suspects, a man and a woman, approached concertmaster violinist Frank Almond of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra who had just performed at Wisconsin Lutheran College on Bluemound Rd.
Flynn says as Almond walked outside in a parking lot after the concert, the suspects approached Almond. They used a taser on Almond, causing him to drop the violin and fall to the ground. The suspects then stole the 1715 Stradivarius violin, also known as a “Lipinski” Stradivarius, valued at approximately $6 million.
The suspects then fled in a waiting minivan. It’s described as a late 1980s or early ’90s maroon Chrysler or Dodge minivan.
Chief Flynn says this was targeted crime. He says the violin is valuable, but only to a very small population. “This is not something that can be easily sold for even a fraction of its monetary value,” said Flynn. “This is art theft.”

Go here to read more and see a video.

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I just read this on Facebook:

Hautbois Marigaux
Options for this story
Attention: Olivier Doise vient de se faire voler à son domicile en région parisienne son Hautbois Marigaux 901 dans la nuit du 30 sept au 1er octobre #37550. Merci de vos éventuelles infos !
Please pay attention : Olivier Doise just got his oboe stolen at home during the night of Sept. 30th, in the Paris area. The oboe is a 901 #37550. Thank you for your concern and possible feed-back.

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That’s the lesson.

A violin worth more than £1.2million stolen from a brilliant musician when she stopped for a £2.95 Pret A Manger sandwich has been recovered in the Midlands three years after it disappeared.


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Stolen instruments:

Alto Sax – Yamaha Custom – YAS875 EX – Japón – C58754

Bass Clarinet – Yamaha – 221 – 022002

English Horn – Loreè – Royal – París – UU96

Oboe – Loreé – París -JT60

Contact: lis_rigoni@hotmail [dot] com

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On July 29, 2012, my oboe (Fox Model 450, Serial Number 20094) got stolen from the back of a car in Saratoga Springs, New York where I had traveled to perform with a friend and his band. I’ve owned the oboe for 10 years and this past spring even had it completely overhauled for a factory refurbish. Essentially, it was a brand new oboe, yet one that I had a decade of experience and musical personality with.

Any information about its whereabouts may be shared with the Saratoga Springs Police Department at 518-584-1800, or any other local law enforcement agency.

Oh boy, would I love to just get back on with my life as usual. Seeing that back would make my… day, year, well… life, and give me confidence about humanity.

Until then, without knowing if it will ever return, whether my eyes will ever see it again, those same eyes shed tears still believing that they are watering the seeds of hope that may one day become the flower that is the universal goodness of people.

If my oboe is returned to me, I will let you know that the garden of my soul is lush again.

Until then….

I miss you, Fox 450, serial number 20094.


Never leave an instrument in a car unattended.
Insure your instrument for replacement value.