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Such wonderful playing! Thank you to these fine, fine musicians!

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)
Histoire du Tango (1986)
II. Cafe, 1930
III. Nightclub, 1960

Katherine Needleman, oboe
Lachezar Kostov, cello
Arrangement by the performers

Socially-distanced Dress Rehearsal from June 5, 2020

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My friend Carolyn Lockhart sent this my way. It’s wonderful!

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Yep … it’s maybe even past time!

Full names aren’t given as far as I can tell. I just see the names Ethan and Michelle in the tags. If they see this posted here perhaps they will fill me (and us) in.

Info from the YouTube page:
Better heard with headphones for equal marimba/bass to oboe/soprano balance! 🙂

1. Bordel 1900
2. Cafe 1930
3. Nightclub 1960

Piazzolla: Escualo

Moscow Scherzo Quartet

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Astor Piazzolla: Chau Paris
Quintetto Veneto

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No oboe … but I absolutely positutely love this!

Cello Project – Libertango Piazzolla

… and because I am now just enamored with this group, here’s another video of them, playing Nikolai Kapustin’s Burlesque, op 97 (The group is called CelloProject):

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Rolan Dyens: Tango en Skai
Yehyun Lee, Guitar (12 years old)

Anderson & Roe
(I believe I posted this before, but in case you’ve forgotten ….) 🙂

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I’m too lazy to translate and, besides, it’s easy to figure this out without doing so:

El Grupo de Música de Cámara “Scherzo” interpreta en esta ocasión, el Tango “Desengaño” de Crestenciano Recio, armonizado por M. Repiso.

Flauta: Iria Iglesias Kirsten
Oboe: Alba Yañez Busto
Clarinete: Miguel Repiso López
Fagot: Mario García Díez

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From the movie Scent of Woman (so I’m assuming this is by the composer Thomas Newman)

Galant-quartet: oboe Alexey Balashov; violin Varvara Balashova; viola Andrey Utushkin; cello Svetlana Demidenko