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I’m watching a 2012 episode of Vera:

Vera: “What is that?”
Aiden Carmichael: “It’s a bassoon. It’s her choice, not ours. We try not to take it personally.”


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I’m watching a PBS mystery show and there is a piano teacher working with a student. He starts the work again and as he plays she stands up and walks to the window to look out.

Okay teachers … how many of you just leave your kids and stop paying attention?!

When I’m teaching I’m working, doggone it. I figure they are paying for my undivided attention and I plan on giving that to them! 🙂


I have to watch closed caption when I am watching a British show because I just can’t catch all that they are saying. Because of that, I also get information about the music. At one point it said “dark music” and later “orchestral music”, but hey … just now it said “dark music layering”.

Too funny! Or maybe it’s just me … but we’ve moved on to “somber music” … but we’ve also had “surprising music” … and now “ominous music”!. 😉

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The prolific writer-producer who developed True Blood for TV is back at the premium cable network with Virtuoso, a Fame-like musical drama that has received a pilot pickup, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Ball will write, exec produce and direct Virtuoso, an hourlong period drama set against the complex and volatile backdrop of 18th century Vienna. Virtuoso follows a class of young musical prodigies from all over Europe at the prestigious Academy of Musical Excellence.

… but I don’t get HBO, which is where this will be. Too bad.

Oh, and Elton John is somehow connected to this as well.


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The Category was (this was from last week) … Oboe Lessons

Yep, really. And you know why? It was kids’ week. And everyone knows that smart kids play oboe. 😉

Funny, though, that the kids really avoided choosing that category … we didn’t even get to two of the answers. Oh well.

And the answers are:

$2,000 Before use, soak this essential part in water to keep it flexible, & rinse your mouth to prevent damage to the delicate cane. ANSWERED

$1,600 The oboe leads the orchestra in doing this, right before the conductor enters. UNANSWERED

$1,200 The large oboe being played here is called the “English” one of these. UNANSWERED

So much for the smart kids! 😉


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Patient: “What did you hear?”

Dr. Sung Park: “G#. Almost.”

Patient: “Exactly. Almost. I know from experience that when I played it it was almost a quarter tone sharper than a G. To a lay ear it would sound like a G but to me … I have perfect pitch.”

Dr. Sung Park: “Know.”

Patient: “No?”

Dr. Sung Park: “Not NO. Know. Everybody know Chung Mai have absolute perfect pitch. What wrong?”

Patient: “Wrong is that I’ve lost it. I’ve had every test that … there’s nothing wrong with my hearing except when it comes to ….”

Dr. Sung Park: “Absolute pitch not necessary for musician.”

Patient: “I’m Chung Mai ….”

For the record, I pulled out my tuner: it was almost a G, but it was about a quarter tone … FLAT.

At the end of the show, all’s well that ends well, and the doctor and patient play the Largo from the Bach double together. Funny, though, we hear an unseen cello as they play. Ah, music on TV and in movies … they need better consultants for these, I think. (Of course I’m going to guess doctors would watch the show and have complaints as well!)


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From the TV show “The Mentalist”:

“Lisbon, you used to play clarinet right? What is that tune?”

“Yeah. Oh! It’s Kansas City!”


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Jeopardy Question:
In 1900 the first La Scala performance of this opera was conducted by the man whose last name began with the opera’s title.

And the answers were:
Cosi fan tutti
Don Giovanni

Yeah … really!

Of course the opera was actually Tosca.

Too. Darn. Funny.

Or sad.

You choose. 😉

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“What is 3/3?” in response to this: “It’s the time signature of the Chopin piece heard here; listen to the left hand.” (It was clearly a waltz.)

Update: … thanks, Janet, for the clip. You all can see an hear it now! click here


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“She was a concert violinist with the orchestra. First chair violin. Concertmaster. Second to the conductor himself.” This from the mother. Then she said “I was her manager.”

Um. Right. Because the concertmaster in a Sacramento orchestra would have to have a manager and who better than a mother?

This is all from the TV show The Mentalist, which I recorded and KNEW I’d have to watch since it was about a murder of the concertmaster of an orchestra (The Northern California Symphony Orchestra.)

“She has a very elegant rubato.” Yet another good line!

And yes, the principal oboist looks like a total nerd!

Man. Worst. Episode. Ever. Which is why it’s just so darn good. Or. Um. Not.

“You musicians. Professional obsessives ….”

As the principal oboist is chatting with Patrick Jane the orchestra begins to tune. Hmmm. Problem there maybe?

I love that the clarinetist is sitting next to the oboist, and a bassoonist is randomly seated by a violinist. (I only see one of each of the winds and brass.)

Ah, there is SO much to laugh at in this episode it’s really incredibly entertaining. Loads ‘o fun!

And the murderer? Guess who?

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If you can handle the nearly 45 minute show with pretty horrible acting and a ridiculous plot, well …

New Outer Limits: Music Of The Spheres

“It is said that music is a universal bridge, crossing the barriers of culture, age and language. Perhaps eventually we will learn that it also spans those of time and space.”

Um. Okay then. I just wasted 44:24 on this. Hah! Now you can too! 🙂