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As an English horn player I was ready not to enjoy this. But honestly, it is just lovely.

VOCES8 sings Dvorak

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This is the version of the work I shared below that I much prefer, even while VOCES8 is my favorite vocal group. I like the simplicity of this arrangement (and the barbershop style that slips into the other version isn’t my cuppa).

Copland: At the River
Shea Owens, Baritone; Claire Pasquier, Piano

I enjoyed this … maybe some of you will as well.

From the YouTube page:
Padayon is a song of encouragement for one to continue or to proceed even – or, especially – when life becomes difficult. The text is meant to be a kind of gentle persuasion for one to take control of one’s circumstance. The word “Padayon”, from the Visayan language that means “to continue”, simply captures the idea behind this work. All the hardships that we have encountered must – instead of serving as hindrances – compel us to carry on and continue.

Away in the Manger, arr. Mack Wilberg
Luther College Nordic Choir; Dr. Andrew Last, Conductor; Dr. Cory Silberstein, piano; Robert Clowe, oboe; and Olivia Steffl, flute

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Joleklokkor over jorda (Nordraak) — Marianne Beate Kielland

Piano: Nils Anders Mortensen
Mezzsoprano: Marianne Beate Kielland

Recorded in Harstad Konserthus

Joleklokker over jorda,
ring no høgt frå tårn og tind,
ring no ut dei sæle orda:
Fred frå Gud i alle sinn!
Klokker vidt om verda kime
mildt til alle hjarto ned.
I vår Frelsars fødselstime,
arme jord, ha jolefred!

Fader, send din fred til alle
dei som sit i sorg og sut,
ljose himmelklokker kalle
dei frå lidingsnatta ut!
Vis: På jorda alle stader
bur ei ætt av same blod,
kjøpt til born av same Fader,
sysken, eitt i hug og mod.

Send oss, Gud, din kjærleiks Ande,
gjer det mellom kristne greitt,
knyt i nåde syskenbandet,
samanbind oss rett til eitt!
Våre stridar må du jamna,
småleg kiv og ovunds ferd,
alle kristne sysken samna
til ein samlynd Herrens hær!

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Die Heil’gen Drei Könige (Sinding) — Marianne Beate Kielland

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December 5 – Julsång (Alfven) – Marianne Beate’s Advent Calendar

Marianne Beate’s Advent Calendar
Praetorius: Es is Ein Rose Entsprungen

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Arvo Pärt: Vater Unser

From the YouTube page:

Julien Brocal and Cai Thomas collaborate on a new video of Pärt’s Vater Unser, recording their respective piano and vocal parts 250 miles apart, without ever having even met.

Julien discovered the voice of 13-year-old Cai Thomas as he recuperated from COVID-19 in March and was immediately struck by the purity and clarity of tone he heard. With plans already in place to record Pärt’s Vater Unser as part of an album set for 2021 release, Julien felt strongly that Cai’s voice was the perfect vehicle for the piece, so evocative of hope as it traverses from the heart-breaking B Minor melody to the D Major release of tension at its conclusion. With the help of their label Rubicon, Julien and Cai were able to collaborate from afar, recording a video of this track at their respective homes in Brussels in Belgium and Farnham in the U.K.

A prayer which asks for peace, something that we can all hope for regardless of faith at this most challenging of times, Julien and Cai hope their music can offer a few moments of solidarity and hope for all of us at home around the world. Julien says: “Cai’s voice appeared as light shining through darkness, and I couldn’t see a better moment to create together this uplifting music.”

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I would wait to post this for a Sunday Morning or Evening post, but … well … I just can’t wait. It’s just lovely.

Patriarch Ilya II of Georgia: Kyrie Eleison
Russian Orthodox Male Choir of Australia; Gregori Scanlan, Solo; Nectar Kotlaroff, Conductor

Audio Producer: Nektary Kotlaroff
Video Producer: Adrian Metlenko