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Yep, it really was asked. Too cute!

If you could somehow attach a double reed to the end of a recorder, would it sound like an oboe?
Assuming that the original mouthpiece is no longer present, would this be theoretically possible?

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Transitioning to oboe?
I’ve played flute and piccolo for 4 years, and i really want to learn a new instrument, and i was thinking oboe…. will that be a nice transition and are reeds harder to play?

I can’t remember whether its the oboe or the bassoon that supposedly drives its players insane.

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Okay … sometimes the Yahoo question and answers are just too cute …

What’s harder, Trumpet or oboe?

My band teacher says oboe and French horn are the hardest instruments. But my brother says the trumpet is the harder.

… and the answers are:

  • I was in band for 5 years. I tried both instuments and to be honest trumpet is easier and cheaper. The trumpet doesn’t use as much air and you don’t have to buy reeds. The only hard part is changing the notes. For example to change the notes you have to change your lip positioning (I’m not sure how to say it). Once you get the hang of it, it isn’t hard. For the oboe you have to buy reeds (double reeds, which are really expensive) and have to use about the same amount of air in a flute or tuba, but the air has to be more concentrated so it is harder.
  • The oboe is harder to play, I know someone who played both and they said that the oboe is harder.
  • The trumpet is harder because it is a brass instrument and brass is harder than wood.
  • That’s bull. I am a trumpeter, and have played an oboe before, and I would definitely say it’s harder. You have to have a good ear, too, as notes rarely come out in tune. If it’s your fist year in band, be prepared to suck. I would tell you to go with the trumpet, because I’m biased, but kudos to you if you pick oboe
  • The oboe is constructed from harder materials and is more subject to breaking than the trumpet which is more malleable and would sooner bend than break. The brittle oboe is harder than the trumpet.
  • Both have disadvantages. Ex:Trumpets have a hard time playing high notes.But oboe is really high and doesn’t get into tune well.So, in all, both are hard to play.
  • The oboe!!! Its so hard to play. The trumpet is way easier.
  • Kudos to you for learning either one and how to read music. Neural pathways

My Spanish teacher sometimes plays classical music while we’re working. I’ve noticed that most of my other classmates laugh at it and complain, and I can’t understand why. This is the type of music my singing teacher asks me to listen to, and this is the kind of music I enjoy. I told my classmates in Spanish class that I like classical music, and they laughed at that, too. What makes it so unpopular?

Awww … I like this questioner! 🙂

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I think they should call them “Yahoo Questions”, really, but what do I know? I just read this:

How to tell my mum I want to quit the oboe?
I need to quit the oboe that I’ve been playing for only half a year but keep forgetting to bring it home from school and my mum says that I’m wasting money and that I don’t practice, I made a pro and con list and had more cons so how do I tell her and my teacher????

I remember asking my mother if I could quit oboe on occasion. It mostly had to do with reeds, as I loved the instrument. Shoot, I still hate reeds and love the instrument. Go figure. When I was older I asked her why she just didn’t let me quit and she said that she knew I had talent and thought I really liked it even if I was upset at the moment.

I’m thankful she didn’t just say, “Okay. Quit.”

Of course she did allow me to quit piano … after a very very very bad and embarrassing concert.

Read on “Yahoo Anwers”:

Amazon coupons for oboe reeds?
I need some Amazon coupons for oboe reeds. Any luck? (:

Asked online:

Do fish like the sound of oboe?
I am going to get fish soon, I play the oboe on band. I would want to practice in my room where my tank is but i don’t know if they like oboes or sounds. Please help!

… and yes, someone answered:

As long as you aren’t playing it right next to the tank and it isn’t a screeching sound they should be fine. I always play classical music and opera and it doesn’t seem to phase them.

I’ll just leave it at that.

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I just got my first oboe today. I have played clarinet for a few years, and would say I am an Intermediate player, maybe not professional but you get the point. I want some tips on playing it, such as embouchure tips, how NOT to break the reed, protecting the oboe, maintenance, etc. I already know about soaking the reed for a little bit if it’s new, and the basic embouchure as well. Also, after I have been able to play some simple songs, what about some help with tone and vibrato, too? Feel free to use any musically nerdy words as you want.

The “maybe not professional…” really did make me smile.

And, okay, I sort of rolled my eyes too. You get the idea. 😉

I read it here.

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Should I continue oboe in highschool?
I need to decide pretty soon…. But the main problem is that I don’t like it. If I don’t continue, I’ll regret it. If I do, I’ll hate band class. Plus I’m nit very good b/c I went to camp for a month and my sound quality has plummeted. I really don’t know what to do… But I should decide now. And I also dint want to disappoint my parents or my teacher.

Hmm. Doesn’t like oboe yet is asking if he/she should play it? For me the answer would be easy and very short. You too?

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Is oboe a good important instrument?

Hi! I just started learning oboe like last month! I found it hard, and fun, for the people who plays the oboe could you tell me if its a important instrument? And how often do you have to go and check and tighten it?

Oh dear … I can just see this new oboist going over the oboe and tightening all the screws! Someone want to help the person out? Go here.

PS I think oboe is more of a bad important instrument!