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Oboe issues: help urgently needed?
Hi. I was just playing my oboe (it had been a few hours since I started playing) and now all of a sudden the left hand second finger octave key didn’t work. I tried to go one octave higher but could not. I swabbed the inside of the oboe with the long cloth swab and tried again but it still didn’t work. I didn’t do anything to my instrument at all, all i did was play and suddenly this occurred. Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

So anyone want to explain the “left hand second finger octave key” to me? Could the person be talking about the half hole? If you think you have the answer you can help the person by going here.

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Playing the Oboe with lip piercings?
I’ve been playing the Oboe since about 6th grade (going into 8th) and I was wondering if I were to get a lip piercing (snake bites or something) would I still be able to play? I’m also going to start saxophone thanks 🙂

(The answerer said it would be no problem.)

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Yep, going through Yahoo Answers at the moment …

Why does my dog hate the oboe?

I play the oboe, and I’ve realized that every time I play, my dog does this weird yelping thing that I’ve never heard before. Why is this?

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One of two reasons, it reminds her of the howling that dogs will do and she instinctively wants to join in or it is hurting her ears.

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So I’ve played oboe for about 6 months now, and tone hasn’t really been a problem before. But yesterday I got new reeds and now I cant get a good tone out of any of them!!! It’s flustering me so badly… >.< Any tips or suggestions?? [name removed] Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Put your reeds in water and let them soak. New reeds for an oboe will always sound off. So soak and work on playing the reeds to break them in. Source(s): Been playing oboe for five years.

Of course it’s not usually quite that easy! But what I’d have written, had I taken the time, would have been “Get a teacher!”

But that’s usually my answer to all the oboe questions I read. 🙂

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Is the french horn or oboe the hardest instrument to play?
theres this whole debate going on in band about which one is hardest. i understand that bot are very difficult to learn but im sure that there is some factor which would lead to one being harder than the other. facts, opinion, and experience please! thanks!!!

The answer? Yes. They are. 😉

Asked here.

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I need a full report on the history of the english horn?

Could i get a full report on the history of the english horn, i need it for music class, 7th grade…. THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!!

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As you might guess, I absolutely love browsing the web. I love that there is so much information available. I love the things I discover, the new (sometimes very old) music I learn about and hear, and the people I meet. But it also makes me a bit sad. This student above wants someone else to do the research. Earlier I read a page where a college freshman is asking for money because, “You all know how expensive being a musician is and I need to repair my oboe and I want to buy a new oboe and maybe even an English horn.”

Um … sometimes we actually do have to work for what we want. (Man, I’m sounding like a grumpy old lady!)

That being said, please send $10 to my post office box, okay? Because I need more chocolate. If every reader sent me just $10 I might have a year’s supply and be able to afford some cane, too.

Kidding … kidding ….

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Is the oboe’s low range good for melody?
I’m a pretty experienced composer (if I may say so myself), but I still have things to learn about woodwinds. Is the oboe’s lower range (around D) ok for melody, or will it sound too “honky” and awkward. Thanks.

The first answer was this:

For the oboe’s best sound, stay in or above the staff and out of the bottom range.

Truth be told, a low oboe can sound quite lovely. I do hate it when we have to start on low B flat or B. Go figure.

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How do you make an oboe?

literally how to carve out the dimensions it should be and such or if you have a link and would like to give it to me that would be amazing. its for a competition thing for science Olympiad at my school and i want to make an oboe. if you have any for making oboe reeds that would be great too. please and thank you!

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… I always warn parents about the reed issue. I want them to know right away, in case they decide they can’t handle the expense.

Will a broken oboe reed prevent playing it?
I recently started to learn the oboe a week ago, and the reeds i have been using have now got chips in them, small and along the top edge. Will this affect the way it can be played future or are they still useable? It would be very inconvenient to have to get new ones, as they are quite expensive and hard to get where i live.

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Is it too late to learn oboe in 9th grade?
I wanna learn oboe next year, i’ve had 2 years of experience on the clarinet and i’ve had half a year on violin and have musical experience, especially in music theory, and i want to joing my school’s symphony but the teacher told me they only accept the best, could i be good enough by 11th grade?

Fortunately the answers were positive. I remember having a student ask me if she was “too late” for oboe when she was even younger. My answer? If you’re still breathing it’s NEVER too late!