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It appears that there are a number of professionals getting involved in the masterclass videos this year.

Francesco Pomarico, Primo oboe dell’Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai

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Diana Doherty (oboe: Rossini & Strauss)
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Another Masterclass video for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. These can be helpful to many, not just the YouTube auditionees.

… and what kind of oboe is this, please?

Earlier posts:
Diana Doherty (Tchaik 4)
Two takes on the Mozart Oboe Concerto
Diana Doherty (oboe: Rossini & Strauss)
Christine Pendril (English horn: Dvorak)

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Diana Doherty:

Earlier posts:
Two takes on Mozart
Diana Doherty (oboe: Rossini & Strauss)
Christine Pendril (English horn: Dvorak)

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Christoph Hartman, oboe player from the Berliner Philharmoniker, gives a master class for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 presenting Mozart’s Oboe Concerto in C major, K. 314

And gee … here’s another masterclass on the Mozart, by Diana Doherty:


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Diana Doherty (oboe: Rossini & Strauss)
Christine Pendril (English horn: Dvorak)

I’m not familiar with this player.

IF I were to do an audition (but I’m not), I would certainly do the English horn rather than the oboe. I know these works like the back of my hand. Or better.

But no, I’m not going to go for his. For one, I can’t imagine I’d win. For another, I’m not up for YouTube watchers’ ridicule. I’ve seen them bash the best of the best, so I’d hate to think what they’d do to me! I’m chicken that way.

And yes, this English horn player says, “It’s neither English nor a horn.” 😉

Do you notice the half hole finger coming up entirely for the D? I’ve seen that with oboe as well … I’m not sure if this is just a different way of fingering on the same kind of horn I have, or if it’s due to the thumb plate system. I do know many (maybe all?) UK players use the thumb plate system. Or maybe she just has her half hole finger completely up for middle D. Dunno! When she talks about putting down the index finger for the low F on Roman Carnival you definitely see that finger up for D! I don’t do that, so I have to deal with just getting the finger rolled back to cover the half hole. I’ve not really found this a big deal, but it really does depend on a good reed!

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I’ve always enjoyed her playing …

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MTT, Mason Bates … and yes, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra … II. This time? “There are two ways you can audition: submit your video audition for the orchestra or submit a solo improvisation to a piece composed specifically for the orchestra by American composer Mason Bates.”

If I had the energy (nope!), and if I thought I would be accepted (no way), I’d be going to Syndey. Oh well.

Even Joyce DiDonato (one of my absolutely faves!) hopped in to the fun:

Anne-Sophie Mutter is into it as well:

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“We were rehearsing from 10 am to 10 pm,” said Zavgorodniy, “Working hard. And there were no language barriers: we speak the same language — forte, piano, iminuendo, ritenuto…”

Sometimes I struggle with the iminuendo, though … 😉

The article is about the YTSO, of course. Interesting to read that one of the winners didn’t follow the rules on the second round; I suspected that rule following wasn’t completely necessary with this thing.

I read the reviews (not all that positive for the most part). I heard the orchestra (sounded like what it was). I know what a few colleagues think of it (thumbs down). But I just don’t get all that upset about the thing. It was a gimmick for YouTube. It was probably a great deal of fun for the winners. And I think it may have even gotten some folks to watch a symphony who otherwise would have skipped it. So … well … whatever!

I don’t think I would have wanted to do a 10-10 rehearsal, though. I guess I’m too darn lazy!


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