UPDATE: As of today, March 23, 2023, I am no longer accepting students unless you are able to compel me to do so. Thank you.

I teach privately at my home studio and do online lessons via Zoom. I currently accept fully vaccinated students in my studio, and teach unvaccinated students through Zoom.

Please email me if you would like to talk about lessons. Be sure to read my private student page.

Looking for someone else? Just try my list of oboe instructors in the USA. (Sorry, I’ve not gone international with this.)

Things you need to know about oboe (Really!)

Musicians’ Etiquette (Helpful hints to keep you from losing your first gig!)

Oboe Reed Making

Bay Area Youth Orchestras

A list of oboe music with links to sheet music plus

Reference links (including fingering charts)

Double Reed Sources


Oboe sheet music for beginners to experts. Solos, ensembles, play alongs, and methods at Sheet Music Plus.

Not an oboe player? Shop Sheet Music Plus and see what you find!

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