Please note that I have not tried all these reeds. I have tried some, but because we are all somewhat different in our reed tastes I’ll let you decide which ones fit you best.

Not wanting to be “American Scrape Only” since this site is viewed by all, I’m now in the process of adding the short scrape reed suppliers. (At this point only one has asked me to be included.) I will note all short scrape reeds. (Someday I’d like to try one to see what how it plays!)

If you wish to be added to this page, please provide both the entire URL and the name of your company. If you provide the information in a different format I make no promises! Thanks for your understanding. Email me here

Looking for bassoon reeds? Go here.

Arundo Reeds and Cane

Back Bay Reeds

Bjorklund Reedworks

Cascade Oboe Reeds

Charles Double Reeds (Oboe)

Charles Double Reeds (English horn)

Charles Double Reeds (d’Amore)

Chartier Reeds

Cleveland Reed Company

Colorado Reed Company

Crook & Staple (short scrape)

Currie Reeds

Double or Nothing Reeds

Double Reed Girl (Alyssa McKeithen)

Stuart Dunkel

Forrests Music

K. Ge Reeds (short scrape & American scrape)

Girard Reeds (Australia; short scrape w. wire)

Good Tone Guild (uses wire unless you request she leave it off)

Graham Oboe Reeds

Anne Hodge

Grace Johnson Oboe Reeds

Handmade Oboe Reeds

I Hate Oboe Reeds (Tim Feil) and How To Make Oboe Reeds

Kestrel Reeds

Lisa’s Oboe Reedery

The Magic Reed

Marzluf Reeds

Roger Miller ROM Double Reeds

North Texas Oboe Reeds and Cane

Oboe Stuff Reeds (Scroll toward bottom of page)

Oxford Reeds

Pierre Roy Oboe

The Reedmaker Oboe Reed Shop

Reed Pros

Reeds In Case

Reliable Reeds

Bill Roscoe Double Reeds

Sandy Stimson

Singin’ Dog Double Reeds

Squirrel Hill Reed Shop

Stellar Oboe Reeds

Nick Winfield Oboe Reeds (UK; Uses wire)