William Byrd: Ave Verum Corpus
The King’s Singers

Févin: Nesciens mater
The Gesualdo Six

René Clausen: All That Hath Life and Breath, Praise Ye the Lord! arr. Robert Scholz
Trondhjems Studentersangforening

Nystedt: I Will Praise The, O Lord
Den norse Studentersangforening; Carl Høgset, Director

Vasily Krupitsky: By The Waters of Babylon

Orthodox singers from across the United States and numerous jurisdictions sing By The Waters of Babylon

In The Flesh

Sound Produced & Mixed by
Matt Wood
[email protected]

Edited by
Ray Banna
[email protected]

Amanda Jacobs
Emma Coles
Katie Helinski
Jordan Howard
Lara Baez
Lia Pagones Niqula
Lindsey Birdsall
Alexis Yazge
Christianna Hultink
Grace Farha
Irene Grysiak
Steph Vernak

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Will Todd) – Meeting House Virtual Choir

Steven Seigart, conductor and piano


There is a green hill (hymn) • Performed by The Gesualdo Six, directed by Owain Park

Tune: Horsley • Music by William Horsley • Words by Cecil Frances Alexander • NEH 76

Owain Park: Phos holaron (Hail, Gladdening Light)
Cambridge Chorale

Orlando Gibbons: Drop, drop, slow tears
True Voices Cape Town