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Bach: Christ lag in Todes Banden

(If you’d like the translation go here.)

Kristine Bjånes, sopran
Ragnhild Wivestad Jansson, sopran
Silje Strand Blichfeldt, alt
Ola Kristoffer Øye, tenor
Andreas Wivestad Jansson, tenor/bass
Christian Holter, bass

Hilary Foster, fiolin
Julia Dibley, fiolin
Hans Gunnar Hagen, bratsj
Bodil Erdal, cello
Sigurd M. Øgaard, orgel

Knut Christian Jansson, dirigent/lyd og bilde

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… but my calendar says “Easter Monday” … so I feel okay posting more Easter music. (Truth be told, I’d be posting this any time!)

From the Facebook page:
Rebecca Burrington
April 11 at 10:00 PM
Feels strange not to be playing at church tomorrow, but here’s something I sang for Piedmont Community Church. Happy Easter!

So Crystal Cathedral handed out checks before Easter services that were lower than expected and some musicians walked out. I haven’t a clue if their departure was justified and I’m not here to argue that. BUT what someone then said I do take issue with:

Crystal Cathedral spokesman John Charles said Easter services weren’t affected by the eight people who walked out. Checks have been sent to those who performed.

“No one would have ever known they were missing,” he said of the eight.

That line … well … I think that was a poor choice of words.