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I Gotta Make Reeds (a parody of It’s Gonna Be Me)

From the YouTube Page:

Hello oboe world and friends! It’s been a while, but we wanted to share some oboe humor with you during this tough time, so a few ESM oboe alumni and current students came together with the help of the internet to put this together from our homes all across the country. Hope it gives you a laugh! #itsgonnabeMay

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From the YouTube Page:
Dear friends, I hope you are well ! Today’s video is very special to me as we’re doing for the first time a video project with all my super talented students of the @cnsmdlyon and my dear colleague Franck Amet. We chose to play Candide Overture by Leonard Bernstein, perfect piece for spreading joy and smile all over the world in these troubled times !
After a successful first concert performance on January 26, 1957, by the New York Philharmonic under the composer’s baton, this overture quickly became popular and was performed by nearly 100 other orchestras within the next two years. Since that time, it has become one of the most frequently performed orchestral compositions by a 20th century American composer.
With Franck AMET (Bb clarinet), Victor BOURHIS (bass clarinet), Maxime CONOIR (Eb clarinet), Diogo FALCÃO (Bb clarinet), Théo FUHRER (Bb clarinet), Ferran GARCERÀ PERELLÓ, Tomomi INOUE (Bb clarinet), Li Ling LEE (Bb clarinet), Stasys MAKSTUTIS (Bb clarinet), Sang Jin PARK (Bb clarinet), Mikel ZUGARRAMURDI LASA (Bb clarinet) and Gwendoline CONOIR as the unexpected and talented flutist