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Giovanni Croce: Buccinate in Neomenia Tuba

Blow the trumpet when the moon is new, at the sign of your solemn feast day. Alleluia.
With a voice of rejoicing, with the sound of the trumpet, rejoice in the Lord our help. Alleluia.

Let us rejoice/Rejoice in God with strings and organ, with drum and in chorus.
Sing and rejoice and sing psalms as well as you know how.

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December 5 – Julsång (Alfven) – Marianne Beate’s Advent Calendar

This touched my heart.

From the YouTube Page:
Here is an extraordinary performance of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by the brave men and women from NHS in honor of the Llandudno’s Venu Cymru, which has been turned into a temporary coronavirus hospital. During this process, the facility has been renamed to Ysbyty Enfys, which is Welsh for Rainbow Hospital, as a symbol for hope.

(The singing begins at about 1:52 if you want to start there. Then again, maybe you want to hear the well wishes. Some in English, some in Welsh.)

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This is really fantastic. Please watch and listen to the whole thing.

Music and words: Richard Barnard
Soprano: Elizabeth Karani
Piano: Edmund Whitehead
(With thanks to Thomas Atkins for cameo appearance)

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Jakub Józef Orlinski & Aleksander Debicz have a message for you.

stay home, stay home

it ain’t easy, the same four walls
feeling stuck here all day long
only going to a grocery store later to buy some food and toilet paper
don’t be selfish, don’t buy it all
don’t act so stupid
toilet paper ain’t no gold

stay home, stay home

and even if you have to go outside
it’s better not to be for a pleasure ride
strutting around your neighborhood
it’s a bad idea, it ain’t good
do you want to put the rest at risk
that might die when they get sick
no you don’t want that so please just stay inside

stay inside

don’t be selfish, don’t get infected
cause otherwise you might be from society rejected

stay home, stay home

and of course i’m staying at home too,
struggling a lot like all of you
walking with my tied dog frequently
just to be outside sort of legally
pa pa pa, pa pa pa…

don’t be selfish and don’t just roam
seriously i’m telling you, just stay home

stay home, stay home

stay home, i’m telling you stay home
stay home, please stay home
stay home, please stay home

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… whether they know it or not!

This is put together by these two women (Astrid Jorgensen and Megan Bartholomew) who normally have a hall filled with people. (They call it “Pub Choir”) Jorgensen teaches them a song (with harmony) and then they make a video of the final results and post it on YouTube. But there is no hall full of people now. So instead they are are on stage, conducting an empty hall, but a world full of people.

45 countries represented. Over 6000 people.

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This article suggests that singing is good for you. Even if you aren’t a great singer or, heck, even if you sing like I do!

I sometimes ask my students if they sing. The majority tell me they never sing. I’m sorry to see singing disappear like that. We all sang when I was in elementary school; we even had music books that we used back then. I sang in church. I sang with my friends. I even sang with my family in the car. When our children were babies I created little songs that included their names and sang those to them. I don’t have a great voice. I don’t even have a good voice. But I like to sing. Give it a go sometime … it might be good for you!